A look at Spinvest-Leo's HIVE power curation return

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Greetings from @spinvest-leo.

The purpose of this post is to take a look at how our HIVE power curation is performing. Two weeks ago, I mentioned to @silverstackeruk (aka Mr Spinney) that I was timing the autovotes from this account for Hive power curation, but it wasn't working as the actual HIVE power I had was too low. He promptly delegated 700 ish HP as a trial to see what ROI could be acheived. So now the results are in. Lets take a look:

Leo stats 2.JPG

The source of this data is the LeoFinance powered Hivestats tool. The data here is so clearly presented, it makes it very user friendly. It shows that we have generated 13.6% curation APR. I think this is pretty decent, especially since the Authors we are voting have not been selected specifically to maximise curation.

How have I set this up?

The Rewarding site Is the autovoting program I have chosen to use this time around for Spinvest-Leo. Authors from the LeoFinance and CTPTalk tribes have been selected for their consistent, quality content approach and have been added to the autovoter. Once the vote rules have been set up (the Rewarding App has a dizzying array of customisation options) I have gone to the "Settings" page and checked the "Optimize Vote Delay" option. Basically, this will adjust future votes for each author to move the timing towards an optimal return.

An example of our vote log:

sample vote log.JPG

This is just a small example from our voting log. It shows all the data on each vote given out. The system analyses curation return and makes small adjustments to the vote timing.

Could we do better?

Now that I have improved my understanding of HIVE curation, I believe we could.

  1. Increased HP.
    Adding to our HIVE power will ensure higher curation return. Having checked the vote log for the last 24 hours, I can see that maybe 20 - 25 % of our votes cast still don't earn any curation. More HP will fix this, adding to our APR accordingly.

  2. Selecting Authors specifically for curation returns.
    I am sure that a common practice is to set autovotes on all the highest rewarded authors specifically for higher returns. This is not an avenue I wish to explore. The content creators are selected based on their content produced within specific tribes (LEO and CTP) and that approach won't change.

So there you have it, the HP delegation from @spinvest we have is currently earning 13.6% APR. With a little more HP I think that would increase to 15 - 16%. In bottom line numbers, over 2 HP per week is currently being earned from HIVE power curation by the current @spinvest-leo set-up.

Thanks for reading, Have a great week everyone.


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I think selecting consistent quality, rather than high earners, is the way to build the platform and the fund.
This account is voting with HP and LEO?
Really interesting, thanks :)

The list of authors we support is full of quality. They have been selected as consistent performers within the tribes. The HP curation is a trial, but It seems to be worth exploring.

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Thanks for the info and stats, it is good to see that a number of CTP Swarm members are on the list :)

The Voting power is spread pretty evenly between CTP and LEO. You guys have a real active, enthusiastic community going and its good to be involved.

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It is also good that the curation in LEO is netting some growth, especially with the LEO price increasing relative to HIVE.

Should make for a positive in the weekly SPI holding report.

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Yes the rise of the LEO token will make this upcoming report a positive one. Last weeks had a one off item in it, and no post payouts will be in this weeks (I've been lazy...) But it's progressing nicely.

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I am glad you are selecting authors on content not just reward. This strategy is a long term benefit to the whole chain. Which in return is a benefit to us.

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Autovotes can be farmed for maximum profit, or can be used to consistently support good content from consistent authors (kind of like Patreon) and then timed to improve returns.

I like the later approach as a more sustainable, long term model.

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