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RE: Spknetwork SIP: Potential To Eat Up A Lot Of Hive

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As someone has to mention in every post, here’s yet another thing to keep up with. I’m tickled pink. I’ve never been so happy to be so busy trying to keep up with anything. Hive is beginning to dominate all my free time and it’s just not enough to stay on top of it all. I don’t recall ever having such a complaint and I hope to be bitching and moaning about it all the way to the moon and beyond.


I cant argue with it. There is so much to keep up with. We will really see a different world once some of this stuff starts to rollout.

We are in the planning stage of a lot of stuff (or perhaps coding). Either way, we need to get the applications on the market.

In due time.

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Honestly, it feels like there’s no stopping us. Even if we stayed flat 5 more years our tech is superior, our devs are dedicated, and the community that’s been here through it all isn’t going anywhere without a catostrophic event from which there’s clearly no recovery. Even if we only get one new member a week, and it takes a century Hive will be around to herald the dawn of the new age.

Well the development needs to keep going. Flat in terms of price, that is one thing.

Flat in terms of what is being built, that is something completely different.

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😊 My position just assumes development will keep rolling out because of the devs we have and the community backing them through the gates of Hell if we have to.