What is the secret sauce of success?

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The Hustle


Today I read a nice post by niallon11 and I will put the link below.


The post was about the work behind success. The post reminds me of the lessons I learned from successful people. If you want success, you have to copy the successful. If you want to fail, then you copy failures.

It reminds me that if I want something different from what everyone else has, I have to do something different from what everyone else does.

So I don’t copy the people who have what I have, I copy the people who have what I want.

Everyday I am here on Hive and Leofinance reading, writing, authoring and curating, and while I sleep my articles, my comments and my upvoted are earning Hive, Leo and other tokens.

I have been here three years, doing these things. Some of you have been here longer, and some shorter.

But the most important thing is have you seen the light of the truth?

The really successful people on Hive and Leofinance write every day, or vote & curate everyday, or buy miners or delegate, so they earn every day.

The most successful perform a combination of all these activities.

The whales here are here everyday. They show up and put in the work.
Showing up every day, and stacking will make you successful.

I started small on Steemit when the token was 4$. I had a small stake of a hundred Steem.

I started by showing up every day. I learned about earning by posting, but also earning by delegation and curation. These things helped my money work harder. It began to work while it slept, and my money grew.

Soon I had a big stack and steem-engine was born. I traded some of my stack for Leo back when it was Steemleo. I kept showing up every day. And every day my earnings from the same amount of work got bigger and bigger. My vote went from cents to dollars.

Today people look at me and say I am lucky. But in reality, I am not lucky. I earned my stack, but I haven’t stopped showing up every day. It’s a process and it’s an attitude that if you work hard, and save you will get ahead.

So keep hustling and keep stacking.



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I'm a bit over three years old on Hive(Steem included) and been showing up every day ever since. Consistency is key for success in many activities, blogging included. Take gym for example, if you're not consistent you're not gonna bur fat and build muscles.

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Ha Ha an apt analogy and visually appealing/

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It is not luck, it is unbelievable that many people think that hard and constant work is luck, no wonder many expect to win the lottery or be millionaires without lifting a finger.

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Yep. I feel the emotion there. Some say neither success or failure are secrets.

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Every little bit helps and that is why I think everyone should at least show up and vote/comment everyday even if they aren't posting.

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I agree. On the rare days I don’t write posts, I write comments! Curating is a very relaxing way to earn tokens.

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