On becoming an Orca

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I was thrilled to become an Orca this week - and just a month ahead of my target of 17 July, which will be my third anniversary here.

I enjoyed taking snapshots of @arcange's posts on 17 and 18 June 2020 and was delighted to see that Orcas had increased by one!

Achieving 100MV on Hive Blockchain.png

Achieving 100MV on Hive Blockchain.png
Source Charts for 16 and 17 June 2020, courtesy of @arcange.

My 100MVs are also represented in the distribution tables as well, although with Steem power-downs coming into play, there was a lot of movement of Hive Power across the classes of account holders. I didn't even register in the top ten power ups that day!

Achieving 100MV on Hive Blockchain.png

Achieving 100MV on Hive Blockchain.png
Source Charts for 16 and 17 June 2020, courtesy of @arcange.

Even making it across the threshold into Orca class, I'm still almost the smallest one ranking at the 337th largest account in terms of Hive Power. Given that I'm an ordinary person with no prior crypto experience and I never imagined I would make it to Dolphin, I am more than happy to be sitting in the largest 500 accounts by Hive Power in the world.


I have had quite a strange experience of setting targets and, in most cases, reaching them much sooner than planned, usually a month to six weeks ahead of time. It's an interesting phenomenon that I need to apply to home improvements. Perhaps I should start blogging about that.

Other Hive Investments

I liked this post by @revisesociology about his Hive investments, gathered through the LeoFinance HiveStats tool. I decided to have a look at my own. I've benefitted quite well from airdrops, the most recent being Hustler - I'm looking forward to seeing what that's about.

My big Hive Engine investment is SPInvest (@spinvest) sitting at 8,350 tokens (8.35% of the fund - this was one target I didn't quite make, I aimed for 10%. I've still got time). The value of this varies according to demand for the token. It's currently valued on Hive Engine at $5,445. This represents the value from the weekly holdings and earnings report plus a premium for anticipated growth in the token.

In addition to HODLing or selling on Hive Engine, SPInvest offers a 95% buy back guarantee. This is based on a five day average of the value of the token's holdings and earnings which is published every day in its own discord channel. Most sellers would want to use Hive Engine, but there may be a time when an investor needs to sell a lot of tokens very quickly and SPInvest is able to help with this. Members have agreed a ceiling of 1000 Hive per day to ensure the fund remains stable and that would be adequate for most investors to withdraw funds within two or three days.

The Fund is now big enough to pay a weekly dividend to investors. This is based on earnings each week, which you can find in the weekly holdings and earnings report. This week the expected dividend is 0.28 Hive per 100 tokens held. The dividend has increased from an annual equivalent of 11.5% to 14.5% since dividends started. I expect earnings to fluctuate, so this is likely to vary from week to week, but at the moment, it is looking very pleasant.

Screenshot 221.png
Source Chart courtesy of @spinvest (@silverstackeruk)

SPInvest currently has a twenty-five day auction for the remaining unissued SPI tokens with 100 tokens auctioned each day. The latest post about the auction is here and you can follow @spinvest to keep up to date. It is a great way to re-invest dividends paid out through the fund.

There's a new weekly post on @spinvest by @metzli (Wednesdays, I believe) looking at other Hive Investments, starting with a review of some of the Hive Engine tokens. This has renewed my interest and I'm looking forward reading the profiles each week. At the moment, after SPInvest, my Hive Engine investments are worth about a couple of hundred dollars.

My other modest investment is Bitcoin: finally I have some! I had a target for the year which I've reached already, so again, I'm very pleased.

Very happy to be here, really appreciate the support I've had from other people to get where I am, and glad that my involvement with Steem is coming to a close and Hive can move on to other things. I've some new projects and targets and I'll be writing about them soon, but tonight I'm going to eat fish and chips and drink beer.


PS: Just noticed that at 9:19 BST 20 June 2020, I'm sitting in the top twenty in trending in LeoFinance - another first!


Belated congratulations, somehow I missed this, clearly need to sort out my notifications!

Thank you, strangely it made me feel very happy :)

Congratulations for becoming an Orca @shanibeer 🎉🎉🎉

Thank you, @arcange :)

Congratulations on becoming your orca ranking, that is a major accomplishment. I am way off but I am working towards it.

Thank you. It has taken a bit of time and determination, which is why it feels so good, I guess 😁.

Good luck with your journey - it's can be a lot of fun!

That's awesome, congratulations! I'm very near of my year objective as well, way ahead of schedule too: to be a half-dolphin! 😁

Thank you - so pleased you are on your way as well. I really enjoyed reaching all those milestones along the way, hope you do, too :)

Well done, I remember you having virtually no SP, I was the same.. a long time ago. Few of us have survived and kept going.

Yes, we've grown together!
One of the many great things about being here has been building a trusted network of people. Many thanks for your help along the way :)

WOW! Way to go and congratulations.

makes orca sounds

Yes, I'm smiling a lot today :)

Lol - what do Orcas sound like?

Congratulations on your achievement! I'm on my way to becoming a dolphin soon :D

Thank you - good luck on your journey :)

Thank you so much! Good luck, too! :)

Congratulations! You're a really big fish now :)

I'm tentatively thinking about going for Dolphin till the end of the year though right now my motivation for posting is more or less inexistent...

Thank you :) It's taken a bit of time.

I think sometimes you have to take a break from posting and come back refreshed. I'm sure you'll get where you want to go :)

Oh no (to the motivation) do you know why? And yeah to the dolphin target... (I guess I strive for hamster, as I am still mostly clueless)

Welcome to the club, next stop Whale!

Haha! but then, who knows? 😍

Thank you! Very much appreciated every little helps I’m very close to launching my own full RPC node for Hive

I wish I knew what that meant (or maybe I don't)? but I guess it is a big thing. Glad I can provide some support.

Congratulations @shanibeer. Making orca is a big deal. I am so jealous. I trying to make minnow. I hope I can make it in about a month maybe 2. I have 163 HP to go. On to WHALE for you.

Thank you @rcaine, that is very kind. Good luck with your journey!

Also, I’m quite sure if squinted really hard at your Witness votes you might find a little space to put an extra C in there 😉

Good point - I'm still in bunker mode!
Okay, I've made one or two changes, on my list to review the lot.
I've lost track of the witness rambles, do they still take place?

Awesome thank you so much that is a big help. I have not seen any Witness Chats for a while. HF24 is looking really exciting, some major changes to help streamline the chain and make it easier to increase capacity for growth.

When is HF24 expected?

Congrats on your milestone. A nice motivational read for us, the smaller fishes in the sea.

Thank you, I'm pleased to hear that. It's worth celebrating every milestone along the way and enjoying yourself :)

Congratulations 🎉🌈🎉 I still have no idea how you managed, but am amazed and in awe. I hope you will grow even more and faster... like @muscara’s sourdough, it is a really good example of getting bigger (sorry, I am currently bread obsessed)
I am very happy for you and hope you will celebrate a bit <3 <3

Thank you - and I'm not sure either. The targets seem to work by themselves? If only I could apply elsewhere in life 😁

Bread is good, and I am going to celebrate now 😍

Hope you are good, too 😘

Urgh targets... I fear I am missing these for longer (both setting targets and persuing them) and I blame the constant headaches. But the blaming does not help. I think I should have adapted for longer into the new situation, but in reality I am avoiding (sorry for the more serious answer)
If you ever figure out “the way” to hit one’s targets in and outside hive, let me know... I am sure this would be a much beloved post from everyone (I see fame!)

Wow! That's awesome man! Congrats on the Orca rank!
I have become dolphin just a month or two ago, and I'm already dreaming about Orcas... :)

Thank you :)

Congratulations on becoming a dolphin, keep dreaming, it's the way to go!

Already working on it!

Congratulations on joining the orca pod. I hope to get there this year, helped by selling all my Steem. Last lot came across today. We need more big accounts to spread the rewards. Have fun.

Thank you - the Steem power down helped a lot. I'm sure you'll soon be here.
The middle-class looks like it's growing well.

Fun is definitely on the cards :)

I notice the numbers of each level are actually decreasing over time. I guess some people are powering down. We need to find others to take their place. I have signed up a few new people, but it's a long road to dolphin. Will keep helping people get to at least minnow.

Yes - even the Orcas were down in the stats on the following day. I wonder how much COVID-19 has affected this, I guess it's difficult for a lot of people financially. Plus it's been a long messy separation from Steem, but that's done and dusted now for many people. Perhaps we can move on now and start to build.

I saw you did a comparison of Hive and PeakD users the other day - do you have any figures for esteem (or ecency, I think it is now)?

According to @dapp.com and @stateofthedapps eSteem/ecency is fourth after Splinterlands, Peakd, Hive.blog (here and here. It's still just a few thousand people overall. We need more Splinterlands players to be social.

We need to find the next wave of new users. I am talking to people who are actively recruiting in various areas. Places like Africa and Venezuela ought to have plenty who are interested, but they seem sensitive to the current price as they need the money. Just increasing the active users ought to help as it provides a bigger audience for quality content creators. We have to work on getting a better reward distribution. I'm happy for less people to give me automatic votes. They could follow the @tenkminnows trail instead as that is all small accounts.

People need to use communities to build engagement. People can just be social as they would on other platforms. I know the money matters, but making it fun helps.

I won't give up on Hive. I have hopes it won't be corrupted like Steem was, but nothing is perfect and greed is a powerful force.

Oh, thanks - we have quite a lot of people in The Ink Well who use esteem.

The communities offer a lot of opportunities because they're more targeted, I think it's quite exciting. I'm also interested in what HF24 will bring. Have you heard much?

I'm not sure HF24 will mean major changes for general users, but it's good we have active development.

Awesome work on getting to Orca status! Hopefully I can get there this year too and cool to see another person from the UK Hiving it up!

Keep going, Whaledom next 😁

Hi there @nickyhavey, I don't whether orcas bask, but I'm definitely basking :)
Look forward to seeing you here - can't be long now?

I think maybe TeamUK should get together and get shares in a UK whale!

Bask away! I would (and will be)! Hopefully getting there in the next couple of months or so but aiming to be fully fledged by the end of the year!

Haha, there are a few UK orcas that I know of - combined we could all be an agglomerated whale lol


Nice 👍 congratulations 🍾
Having orcas in our beer game is a must!) you checked @cryptobrewmaster?

Thank you @rollie1212 :)

I was hearing about @cryptobrewmaster the other day, I must have a look.

Hi @shanibeer,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord https://discord.gg/8CVx2Am

Thank you @teamuksupport, good to see you :)

Congrats, next stop is being a whale. :)

Thank you :)

I've scheduled in for 2030 😁

oh congrats how do you find your rank? at least they don'thave plankton here hahahha

Thank you, that's true :)


That’s quite an achievement @shanibeer, sitting very high now. Bless up!

Thank you @justinparke, it's a platform for helping Hive grow.
Hope you and family are safe and well. Troubled times for you.

Congrats!! Way to go girl!

I might make it in the next 12 months if I'm very very lucky.

Thank you :) Look forwrd to seeing you here!