My journey at Leo Finance

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Hello friends, how are you all ?? Hope everybody is doing well. I am also presenting myself in a new way here.

I always like to do something new. And I have a different addiction to online that always makes me interesting about online. I love engaging myself in new things that give me joy.And through this online work I can connect with a lot of new people and make new friends through this work. That's why it's better to find something new. So I came here to learn something new and find new work.And hopefully I can learn a lot of new things from here.



So far I have enjoyed Hive a lot. Now it's LeoFinance turn. Hope i will enjoy my time here. When I first found out about Hive, I had a lot of curiosity. I dived to satisfy my curiosity. And I have been able to come so far.

How I learned about leofinance: On BD community discord server of Hive, they were discussing some hacks. They are talking about WLEO hack. And after some research I’m here. First I read some posts here, the posts were very positive and helpful to learn more about Leofinance. Somewhere I found Leopedia, with full details about Leo. There are many questions and answers that have helped me a lot in this path. You can say that the questions and answers have guided me on this journey. I am very excited to start this journey. Not only will I write some blogs, I will have the opportunity to read blogs written by many scholars here. I hope I can learn a lot from here.

When I was browsing on my laptop, it really surprised me, how smooth it is, I liked it.

There was a lot of love for everyone in the community. I will always pray that everyone will be well by the grace of God. And you will all pray for me and my family.

Few words about me

My name is Sharmin. I am from Bangladesh. I have completed Diploma Engineering from a government college. I have completed Diploma in Civil Technology. I occasionally try to write something on my own, and I love drawing. And I'm trying to make my drawings better.

I wish you all good health. If there is any mistake, you will be forgiven..