what does my vote value of 2 CTP signifies?

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I noticed that my vote value is 1.796 CTP at 87.6 Voting power. I did a basic mathematics and concluded that at 100% voting power my vote value will be 1.796*100/87.6 =2.04 CTP. (a little over 2 CTP)

nicolas-tissot-2XSpU-6siwk-unsplash.jpg Source

So I checked Hive-engine and found that currently one CTP buy price is .05 Hive so it means 2 CTP price is .05*2 =.1Hive

I checked coingecko and found that Hive is currently tarading at $.218.

So .1 Hive is now actually equivalent to $.021 .
Voila!! I have just unlocked my ability of more than 2 cents upvote. (do not forget a little Hive power that also used in upvoting along with CTP.)

I am currently on road of 10K CTP and currently staking more than 4000 CTP. I am constantly increasing my CTP power by staking my curation and author rewards.

By luck , I today won 100 CTP on @russellstockley giveaway and that is also promptly staked.

With time , My stake is going to increase and I hope my vote value in future will be much more than 2 cents.

Thanks to all who are part of my amazing CTP journey

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CTP is growing daily in popularity and use case.

Yes, we can not ignore the effort and promotions happening in CTP. They are really driving it up.

Nice calculation
Congratulations and good luck for the target.... hopefully you will hit 10k very soon....

Thank you for the wishes.

So I guess when you upvote your are putting your 2 cents in lol The more you get the fast it builds, you will be a 10k in no time.

yeah, hoping to reach 10K soon.

Great work building your CTP stake, and with curation, the more you earn the more you earn, keep up your good work.

Sure, Going to keep increasing my stake with time.

Appreciate this post very much!

Yeah we (CTP) fly under the radar a lot but what we have, I truly believe, is one of the most passionate and dedicated communities on HIVE.

We don't get persuaded easily with the hype and hoopla...We like to stay the course and see where this stuff goes in 3-5 years from now :)

As a token CTP is still flying under the radar but I see CTPians are currently rocking.

Iamalive challenge has really got popular now.

I am really hopeful and have faith in your leadership and role in driving CTP to heights.

Appreciate the kind words. Yeah this community is active and passionate...Can't ask for anything more :)

It is interesting to play with the numbers sometimes. Thank for the information.

Playing with them is always fun.

Thank you so much for believing in the CTP Token!
I'm kinda biased, but truly believe in it as well already giving 2 cents by upvoting it's already huge!
Good luck for your Road to 10K!

Something that is really not easily achievable in terms of Hive power only. Community monetization will be happening soon all over the hive (my guess).

awesome @saachi never thought or had time to do the math for mine.

Thanks for your stop by.

Do the math. We hear that all the time. Very nicely presented that explains how much the CTP token is worth in relation to Hive. Amazing, isn't it? Thanks for this visual presentation. It's awesome!!!

Tribes and their token are really creating a new dimension in Hive.

I am not very good in the math department, so thanks you for showing how the math works for the ctp tribe or token.

Thanks for your stop by.

Good post about the value of CTP token and being in a tribe

I am happy that you liked it.

I am happy that you liked it.

Thanks for sharing and good luck reaching your target.

Thanks for your wishes.

Informative post, helps us newbies understand this thing a little bit more.

I will say just show up daily ,it will help.
If you have not joined the Discord server then join it because it is good and fast way for geting information and queries getting resolved.

Great post! It's somethimes not immediately visible but with tribe tokens like CTP, we can transfer more value with our votes than with Hive.

Indeed. I am loving my stay here.

Check out the Authors Who Earn More in LEO Than in Hive blog on LeoFinance.

Yep. Earning higher rewards through Hive-Engine curation can definitely be done.

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Yup, possibility in Hive become many after tribes started gearing up.

I saw you also figuring in that list. Congratulations.

Congratulations and good luck with your ctp target!

Thanks friend.

As @achim03 said, there are some great examples that our upvote value in tribe tokens is bigger than in HIVE... Maybe it's time to start curating more in tribe tokens? :)

You are touching something interesting here :-). Maybe we could create a curation trail for specialised ctp accounts around the thisisawesome project.

This could be quite helpful... Let me explain :-):

I have my achim03.ctp account and I use it mainly to upvote comments on my posts. In order not to loose voting power, I also set automatic upvotes on people of the community. The problem is that these people don't always use the #ctp tag in their posts and the votes are kind of lost.

If I could follow an account that upvotes quality posts that always bear the ctp tag, this would be quite helpful for me and probably for others as well...

Just something that poped up in my mind :-)

I someone not using ctp tag in the post then your CTP power remain intact but your Hive voting power is lost. If you see your voting power in "Peakd" and your voting power in "CTP" , you will see both are different.

As a solution you can use "tribe vote multiplier" to make up your loss of Hive voting power.

For ex. I have set it as 1.2 so it means if I vote someone in Hive with 50% vote and user is using CTP tag too then user will get upvoted 50*1.2 =60% for CTP tribe .

This is also an interesting idea... I didn't go deeper into the math of it, but I know that some people doing it...

I someone not using ctp tag in the post then your CTP power remain intact but your Hive voting power is lost. If you see your voting power in "Peakd" and your voting power in "CTP" , you will see both are different.

The problem is that when you use tools like hive.vote, you need to set it regarding to hive. If you set your threshold at 85% it will do it regarding to your Hive voting power.

As a solution you can use "tribe vote multiplier" to make up your loss of Hive voting power.

Thanks a lot for this input. This is something that I have to try out

Yes, I was thinking about that idea a lot... But, tbh, I have no time for running a curation trail... You know that I do curate with my ph1102.ctp account and I upvote ONLY posts and comments at CTPTalk... So, all upvotes are with "ctp" tag...

I can't force others to follow that account as I upvote a lot of comments...

But, maybe it can be done if the curation trail account could follow only my post upvotes... That wouldn't use the additional time...

It would only make sense if it could be 100% automatised. I don't know whether it would be possible to follow your account with another account that follows only upvotes on posts. With Hive.vote I belive it's not possible.

Please bug me a couple of times more in the future, and I will poke around... 🤣

Don't worry I will do that 😂

I never thought of only upvoting at ctp talk. Very smart way of doing it. Thanks for the tip.

there are a couple of options for the same thing, but they are a bit "complicated" :)

That is nice idea but we have select tribe with sound tokenomics.
Tribes that did not paid any attention to tokenomics will go on depreciating their token value.
I read that,PAL has lost 98% of its initial value.

Oh, you are 100% right about that... And it was predictable that it will happen...

Not everyone is capable to build and maintain community... It's not an easy job to do... + a lot of things depends from the people INSIDE the community...

Thanks for sharing that research, @saachi! It is very motivating to have that information.

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Pretty cool, figuring out the eqivilants like that. Wish I understood it batter so I could do that too, but I'll use your post as a guide as I'm sure it will help.