Reached in top 50 staker of CTP

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I am in my journey of 10K CTP token and I checked the CTP richlist ordered by "STAKE" I found myself at 49 position.


I like to congratulate myself because I never thought that I might be in top 50 staked rich list of any tribe.


I am still not in top 50 if rich list is considered in accordance to balance and I hope to reach there also one day.

I will like to highlight @russellstockley for his amazing giveaway, @ph1102 for his vlogs and engagement, @flaxz for his enagagement and bulding confidence through his I am alive challenge.

You will always like the introspection tips by @jangle and it will be hard to miss motivational thoughts by @pixiepost and her thought provoking humorous blogs.

Did I forget to mention the mentor @jongolson and @achim03, amazing content creator and currently just launched the ctpsb project and ctpsb token in Hive-Engine.

There are many more members that all have their own speciality like Eliana, Lisa, Rosyel,Rob ,Cruisin ,farhad,aslehansen ...(list can go on) that make this tribe a wonderful place. I will like to thank you all.

I am still on my journey of 10K CTP tokens and this richlist does not make me complacent at all.

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Congratulations on getting to the No1 page of the CTP Richlist! Thanks for the mention, and thanks for all your comments and engagement in this great community!

It's my pleasure Zoltan.

Yay! Congratulations. That is a big milestone you achieved. It's amazing what we can achieve when we just go for it. I am very happy for you.

Thank you also for the shout out. That was very kind. I enjoy your content as well & the comments we exchange on blogs from time to time. :) 💜

Thanks Jenn. Together we all having a great time.

Congratulations, and thanks for investing in the CTP community.