My review on ARCHON (Hive Engine) tribe.

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Archon tribe is an "open" tribe or in other words I will put direct words as in this post

We also hope to make a home for 'OPEN' content, including open source software and hardware, open science, open ecology and open government (transparency in governance) initiatives, and potentially more 'open' movements as they come about.

The word "transparency in governance" also caught my eyes because this is some kind of unique offering in Hive tribes and I have not seen/heard here.



Whole notion of Blockchain is based on transparency and its immutable nature and if "Governance" model is set on top of Blockchain then I really feel you will get transparency and ultimately a good governance.

I do bot hope that our government is going to provide the transparency but I think private sector can apply the blockchain based governance model so everything will be transparent and everyone can openly see the decision made on proposal.

Overall Archon is very low supply token with very low emittance rate.


It again caught my interest when then come out with their DHEDGE token that means they are going to have some mechanism to generate revenue and money.

But what clearly surprised me is their clever idea on community building.


The exact detail and idea can be read on this post by @ecoinstant and I think it is one of the best idea to increase the interaction between the community and especially for those who do not have their own tribe token and so not have HP to upvote all comments with greater than 2 cents Hive.

I feel that Archon tribe has really some interesting ideas to implement in future and it one of the tribe to keep an eye on.

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