Journey towards road to 10K CTP : 75% achieved

in LeoFinancelast month

So friends it took me approximately 65 days to complete my 75% milestone from the previous 50% milestone. I see there are still some 71 days are left for this year to end and I guess I will comfortably complete this journey before this year ends.


I am sitting nicely on 7531 CTP staked that give me some nice CTP tokens as in rewards daily and enabling me also to reward some nice CTP tokens to my fellow Hive and CTP users.


CTP token is maintaining it's price nicely despite the fact that Hive price is tanking as it's price against Hive is increased now.

I cannot wait more to complete this journey as soon as possible now and start working on some new goals for my new year initiatives.

Thank you all my fellow members whose support is always crucial for me to reach this goal.

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Awesome job... I am sure you will hit 10k well before year end...

Yup. I am quite confident about it now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Awesome stuff!

So cool to see you crush it!

Thank you for your support and participation in the CTP Swarm!

I am happy to be part of swarm.

Great job @saachi at going after your goal wishing you success buddy have a blessed one keep crushing it

Thanks Ben. Wishes and luck do wonders.

Great accomplishment and reaching 10K until the end of the year looks like an easy task now... :)


Yes, When I started, I am in doubt whether it will be achieved at the end of year or not. Now it looks doable and may be before the end date.

Congratulations on achieving 75% of your 10K CTP goal.

That shows your continuous effort towards achieving the goal and is truly inspiring to all of us.

Have a Good day 🙂

This is fantastic! Great job, my friend! We had no doubt you could achieve your goals & you are almost there. Woo hoo :) Keep on going!🙌💖

sure. No rest till you get there.

Congrats on your success so far! Seems like you'll make that 10K in no time.

Thanks for your wishes.

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