Journey towards road to 10K CTP : 50% achieved

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The journey started few months back for 10K CTP token is now 50% completed and I am happy with my journey till now.


I am now at 5070 CTP power,just more than 5K and with that I completed my goal 50%.

Something that just started about researching a community because I just got some free tokens in a giveaway become my goal to accumulate 10K CTP coin. I am hoping to reach 10K before the end of the year.

Let's see how my goal progress.

And friends if you are not still aware of CTP token or tribe I will just suggest you to hang some time there and explore it yourself.

If you guys remember my last post what does my vote value of 2 CTP signifies? then I will like to say again that with current stake, my vote value has increased to 2.2 CTP and Hive value also increased to from previous value of $.218 to now $.27.

So my vote value in increased to 3 cents now from previous value of 2 cents.

Wow 50% increase in my curation capacity within a month is amazing

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Congratulations for 5k CTP power..
I am on my goal of 2k CTP by this month and I am sure within this week I will achieve that.
Congratulations again....

Thanks Guurry.
You will surely reach soon.

I tell you ctp is a jewel within the Hive blockchain! I calculated that you can get up to 50% APR just by staking CTP!

Congratulations by the way :-) !

It is becoming a nice passive income of few cents for me + I am getting some idea and confidence that I can survive even if I do not have a regular job.

That's exactly the way I see it. These few cents tend to add up and the bigger you get the more you can earn.

WTG on the getting to 5,000 CTP Tokens. You have time and things just get faster so I think you should make 10k by the end of the year.

Thanks for your wishes.

Congrats on your 50% there journey - It is a great feeling when milestones are met.

It wont be long now and you will have the 10k :)

Thanks for your encouragement and giveaway.

Congratulations on your milestone

Thank you.

Wow, way to go! You are well on your way to 10K. It is great when you set a goal & see your progress as you go. We are rooting for you & you will get there sooner than you think :) ;)

Thank you Jenn.

Congrats on reaching 5K and now the journey to 10K is going to go faster than your journey to 5K
Congrats on being featured by @russellstockley.

Thanks aslehansen
Russell is key member of our CTP community.

Congratulations on achieved goal, and good luck on the way to the next.

Thank you chmoen.

Way to go!
Congratulation @saachi! Glad to see your progress. Wish you all the best!

Thanks for your encouragement.

Well done there, and a 50% increase in vote value is fantastic, keep up the great work.

Thanks Erik.

congrats on reaching your goal!

Thank you.

Congratulations on 5K man... You will get to 10K in no time!

Thanks Zoltan.

Congratulations! 👏🏼👏🏼 staying focused helps a lot. Something as simple as showing up daily really counts 😊😊 remember to enjoy the journey.

Yup , till now it is fantastic.

Keep being fabulous! Enjoy your #Hive journey 😉👍🏼

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WTG on the getting to 5,000 CTP Tokens

Great job, @saachi!

Remember...consistency is key, so keep on keeping on!

Congratulations, @saachi. I think the second 5,000 CTP Tokens will come faster than the first if you keep doing the work. So I believe you can get to 10k before the end of 2020. Good luck!

Thanks David. I will like to complete this goal this year, so new goals for new year.

Congrats on reaching your goals @saachi...Keep moving forward

Sure Bonnie.

Congrats on your 50% there journey - It is a great feeling when milestones are met.

It wont be long now and you will have the 10k :)

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