Hive tribes: Are you using them judiciously?

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So Friend I come across many posts in which I find users are not using the tribe tags even when content can be fit for that tribe.


I noticed this when I saw PAL got pumped and I found there are lot of users that do not use PAL tag when almost everything can fit in it and I experienced the same for Neoxian.

It also look kind of stupid when user are not using Leo interface for their financial posts and suffer 10% penalty.

Okay all of these looks very small steps and I think if you see the effect on a single post then it might look insignificant but when it will be done for long period of time then it might become significant.

You never know if a Leo whale did not voted for you because you did not used the native interface. Even you got upvoted then paying 10% penalty for such a large vote will look significant.

I feel you should you use all relevant and permissible tribe to gain more exposure and some nice tribe tokens.

You never know what can skyrocket on next bull run.

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People do not know the importance of tags :)

well said.

I also believe that many do not use tags correctly due to lack of knowledge. Many still prefer to use only the Hive blog or PeakD. Well, I respect who decides this, but giving up being able to win multiple tokens for not choosing to do the tags correctly is practically missing good opportunities.

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Some user feel like it "overcrowding" of tags so they avoid it.

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