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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Utilise your Voting Power

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Wow, what a great resource for new Hivians like myself! I read the whole 'Demystifying' series, and loved it! This one in particular really helped me. I've wanted to understand voting more since I received my first comments from readers. And I got bits and pieces from people here and there, but sometimes the information was conflicting.

This post explains a lot of the nuances in clear language, and even more helpfully, with visuals!

I'm not very clear on the window or the curve, but it sounds like they may be on their way out, anyway?

Anyway, great series, appreciate you writing it.


Good to hear you got something from it, I try and explain things with a little dark sardonic humour if possible The curve.., we had it, it vanished, it came back, its about to go again. That's 4 years of history. I prefer it gone myself, things are easier to explain then.

The window is also about to go, giving everyone an even shot at curation.

Yes! And that twist of humour adds a lot to the reading experience. Definitely made me chuckle here and there. (Early, "but not too early", lol, what a system.)

One person told me to upvote comments at 10%, another told me to save my RC and don't upvote comments, and your post here says that you "always" upvote sincere comments... if you don't mind me asking, is there a consensus on best practices here?

P.S. No obligation to answer or explain, you've already helped so much, and I'll continue doing my own research either way. Thanks!

You don't have enough VP to generate even a 1c vote on comments or posts. Leave comments alone as you will waste both your VP and RC's. I have plenty so DO upvote them.

Clearest explanation so far. Brilliant, thank you.