# 960 - Canadian Wildlife - Part 43

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Today we will continue the series called "Canadian Wildlife".

The Royal Canadian Mint is known by its high quality work and the enormous number of commemorative coins issued each year. Among these commemoratives we find many, individual or in series, under the theme "wildlife".

Canada, with its vast lands and seas, is the home of a varied fauna and that will be showed in this series.

I will try to post land animals, sea animals and birds, in that order.

The forty third is a 1996 CAD $.50 "Moose Calf".

It weights 9.3g with silver purity of 92.5% and Proof finish. The mintage was 51,638 units. The issue price was CAD $29.95.

The "Discovering Nature" series (1995-2000) was composed by six different sets. The second set was called "Little Wild Ones" and commemorated the young wildlife of Canada in their natural habitat.

The moose (Alces alces) is the largest member of the deer family Cervidae. Moose are striking in appearance because of their towering size, black color, long legs, pendulous muzzle, and dangling hairy dewlap (called a bell) and the immense, wide, flat antlers of old bulls. The name moose is common in North America; it is derived from the word moosh (“stripper and eater of bark”) in the Algonquian language of the Montagnais (Innu) Indians of Quebec, Canada. In Europe moose are called elk.

Designed by Canadian artist Dwayne Harty, the reverse features a moose calf.



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The moose on the coin reminds me of the moose that walked down the street from the 80's sitcom Northern Exposure. It was filmed in Rosalyn, Washington, just a few hours from where we are. Very nice!

I have never heard about this sitcom, but the idea of a moose walking down the street is appealing.

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How very interesting that in Europe Moose are called Elk.....Do they have animals similar to the North American elk @ronavel?

Very smart animals @ronavel, when we lived in Colorado they were everywhere...until hunting season....then they were gone, hiding.

They exist in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

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@ronavel, In my opinion you always come up with Unique and Epic Coins. Enjoy this Silver Journey and stay blessed.

Thank you, my friend! You are always welcome here!

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Welcome and thank you so much.


The moose calf thanks...

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"Eat well little moose and grow up strong and you will be on a one ounce or maybe a two ounce silver coin!"

If you behave well, here is your future:

From $.50 to $20.

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