# 955 - Ships on Coins - Part 30

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I am very fond of ships on coins.

I know that many people share this fondness. I have a few coins depicting ships.

So, I will post a series called "Ships on Coins" and I will show all the coins that I have on this theme.

There will be no order of presentation or country of issue. As the coins are stored in several places, I will simply search on each place and publish those that I found.

The thirtieth is a 1996 1 ECU "Timon".

It is part of the Ecus - Series VIII - Tribute to the Spanish Navy II.

This coin weights 6,72g (0.22oz), has a 92.5% silver purity and Proof finish.

The obverse shows a rudder used in old ships.

The reverse of the coin depicts an old ship. Sorry, but I could not find any info about the reverse.



Thank you for reading. Please comment, upvote, reblog and advise me.

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Now that's an interesting Obverse @ronavel,a rudder used in old ships!!!
I guess someone just got artistic on the reverse!😀

The reverse is an artistic depiction of a tall ship.

I have been near the tall ship Zodiac but never stepped foot on deck. I would love to take a dinner Cruise. These ships are so impressive!!!😀

Now that's an interesting Obverse @ronavel,a rudder used in old ships!!!
I guess someone just got artistic on the reverse!😀

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Thank you!

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So unusual!

Both sides are artistic depictions.

Nautilus? I keep thinking about Captain Nemo's submarine, Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.

I forgot there is an old sailing ship with that name.
Thanks @ronavel

I could not find any data about this coin, so I don't know what the Nautilus mean...

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Thank you!

Timon. What is the counterpart in denomination n US Dollars?

Timon is the Spanish name for rudder.