# 925 - Ships on Coins - Part 15

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I am very fond of ships on coins.

I know that many people share this fondness. I have a few coins depicting ships.

So, I will post a series called "Ships on Coins" and I will show all the coins that I have on this theme.

There will be no order of presentation or country of issue. As the coins are stored in several places, I will simply search on each place and publish those that I found.

The fifteenth is a 2000 $1 "Leif Erickson".

The 2000 Leif Ericson Silver Dollar was issued by the United States Mint in cooperation with the Republic of Iceland. The commemorative coin program included a U.S. silver dollar and an Icelandic 1,000 kronur coin. Each coin depicted Leif Ericson to mark the 1,000th anniversary of his discovery of the New World.

It weights 26.73g with 90% silver purity. Its mintage was 144,748 units and the issue price was $37.

The reverse of the coin, designed by T. James Ferrell, depicts a Viking ship with Leif Ericson at the helm.



Thank you for reading. Please comment, upvote, reblog and advise me.

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Thanks for pointing out ships on coins, Ronavel. I never realized there were so many coins with ships. Guess how many ships are on the 2007 Jamestown Modern Commemorative Silver Dollar.

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Personally, I think this rendition of Lief Erickson's ship is better than the 2014 $15 Canada version, just my opinion.
Thanks for sharing @ronavel

What I think a little strange on the above coin is the direction of the flag. The sail is receiving a back wind and the flag should be pointing back...

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Nope, seems normal to me.
That flag position Only happens when a Full Rigged ship, for example, 'Tacks' into the wind using the curvature of triangular sails (Jibs, Spanaker, and Stay sails) to pull the ship into the wind like the lift of an airplane wing. ⛵️
The Viking Longboat sail is not designed for that and will have to rely on Viking muscle, Put your backs into it!, rowing to move against the wind.🛶

He changed History my friend, I know people still debate exactly where he landed in the New World....

Some places in Canada or Greenland. Nobody can be sure where he arrived exactly...

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I have heard both @ronavel! I think as a kid they taught Greenland, now they say Canada!!😀