# 924 - Canadian Wildlife - Part 25

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Today we will continue the series called "Canadian Wildlife".

The Royal Canadian Mint is known by its high quality work and the enormous number of commemorative coins issued each year. Among these commemoratives we find many, individual or in series, under the theme "wildlife".

Canada, with its vast lands and seas, is the home of a varied fauna and that will be showed in this series.

I will try to post land animals, sea animals and birds, in that order.

The twenty-fifth is a 2016 CAD $10 "Arctic Fox".

It weights 15.87g with silver purity of 99.99% and Proof finish. The mintage was 15,000 units. The issue price was CAD $39.95.

This coin is the third and final in a three-coin series titled "Reflections of Wildlife".

A resourceful scavenger and a prolific hunter, the Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) is the smallest member of the Canidae family to be found in Canada's wilderness. It is also the only canine whose coat undergoes a dramatic seasonal change, from a short, brown summer pelt to the dense, snow-white winter coat that is unmatched for warmth. Moving on land or across the ice floes, the Arctic fox hunts for lemmings throughout the seasons, plunging through the snow to catch its tunneling prey; when these are scarce, the fox travels far and wide to sustain itself on birds, eggs, fish and even leftovers from a polar bear's kill. Stealthy and elusive, the Arctic fox's ability to blend in with its surroundings makes it a powerful symbol of adaptability and survival in Canada's Far North.

Designed by Canadian artist Maurade Baynton, the reverse features a beautifully-engraved wildlife portrait of an Arctic fox on its journey across the ice and snow of Canada's Far North. Kept warm by its dense winter coat, the fox has an almost pensive expression as it stops at the water's edge; there it stands, quietly hovering over its reflection in the rippled water, which is masterfully rendered through the use of careful finishing techniques.



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You crack me up @ronavel 🤣

It is interesting that a Canadian $10 coin is smaller than the larger $5 Maple Leaf. Thanks for showing your Silver, silverd510. Am I missing something here?

The Royal Canadian Mint has no standard for the value or size of its commemoratives. For example the CAD $8 coins can weight 28.8g, 32.15g, 25.18g, 23.3g, 7.96g, 20.86g, 46.65g and 38.88g.

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A very stealthy hunter @ronavel...A very nice addition to the "Reflections of Wildlife"series my friend!!!

I don't have the other two "Reflections of Wildlife" : the Grizzly Bear and the Otter... :=(

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I will still look forward to the next in your series my friend take care!!!😀

I love this coin! The fox drinking with the ripples in the water and then the mirror image reflected in the water! How awesome is that?! A beautiful commemorative to stack for sure! Thanks for sharing!

The other two coins of this series (I don't have them) have the same reflection on the water: The Grizzly Bear and the Otter.

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If you ever do get them, do a post so I can see. Thank you for sharing this coin; it is special!