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RE: AskLeo - Is Project Blank Gonna Kill Your Blog?

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I agree with your take. I think that if I shitpost quite a lot on blank, it won't change the fact that I enjoy making longer articles over here. I think that both can coexist for me, the group that should be worried about losing me is Twitter.

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Microblogging opens up the door for much greater opportunities. It can bring different content to the surface.

It will be interesting how people approach it and what is done on it.

I think it will change Hive entirely, almost overnight.

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Well it takes away the barrier to entry that is composing quality posts to not look like an idiot. When we see things that resemble shitposts we assume it is low grade content even if it may have a lot of intellectual merit to it. I think that introducing a space for short-form content will take that bias away and allow for more voices to be heard

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For days like this one it would be like a charm.

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