What's It Take To Get 10 Liquid Hive A Day From Delegations

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This post was inspired by @jongolson and his post: https://peakd.com/ctp/@jongolson/how-can-we-reach-100-hive-a-day-in-passive-income.

So @jongolson made a post about earning 100 hive a day, I thought about a much more reasonable goal for me to start off with and have done the math for it so let's see how much it would take to reach that. Why did I pick 10 hive? Its about $1/day as of now, and that would cover all of my current server costs(used for both hive related stuff and not).

Passive Delegations

Delegation to things that pay out would be the one way that I see to do this. We have quite a few choices for this. @qurator is what I delegate to right now, as well as @tipu. There's also @curangel and others that I don't know of. You are relying on them to continue in order to get payment, but if they do stop, you can un-delegate and get your HP back to you in 5 days.

So much much do you need to earn 10 Hive daily from delegations? It depends on where you chose to delegate to. Let's take a look at how much they pay out. For @qurator and @tipu, I'll be using data from myself while for @curangel, I'll pick a random delegator and use numbers from them. I'm using numbers from the average of rewards from the last week so that if someone had a particularly good day, it shouldn't affect the calculations too much.

For @qurator, I've delegated 501 HP, and in the past week I average of 0.169 Hive a day. That means to earn 10 Hive a day, I'd need 29,645 HP delegated to them.

For @tipu, I've delegated 100 HP and in the past week I average 0.026 Hive a day. That means to earn 10 Hive a day, I'd need 38,461 HP delegated to them.

For @curangle, I used data from @mraggaj, who delegated 500 HP to them. In the past week, they averaged 0.131 Hive a day. That means to earn 10 Hive a day, I'd need 38,161 HP delegated to them.

Quite interesting, @qurator seems to reign supreme here with @tipu and @curangle following behind. Be warned that these numbers might change and I can't guarantee anything and these are just my calculations.

Active Delegations

By active delegations, I mean delegations that you have to mange. Mainly that'd be dlease. The risks of this include the fact that dlease itself might stop operating. Since the delegatee has paid in full beforehand, you don't need to worry about a lack of funds from the delegatee.

The APR on dlease varies drastically from time to time. Currently the average is around 12.5%. I'll be using that for my calculations, but you might get better or worse luck on the APR. The thing with this is that you have to actively manage it and when one delegation ends, you won't be getting paid until you undelegate and wait for it to expire, and then to redelegate to a new user.

As long as you managed to only delegate at the average APR, you'd need 29,200 HP to earn 10 HP a day.


Cool post. 10 hive a day becomes even more attractive when prices start going up.

For sure, in just the past 24 hours, it's gone up over 50%.

Brilliant stuff man, thanks so much for the shout out. I love posts like this, gets me thinking on how to add more streams coming into my account.

Yup for sure. I like to do the math to see how much it'd take to cover my expenses and it's quite interesting for Hive.

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I'm up to 1/2 hive per day lol, only 20x more to go :)