What Do You Think About Sports Betting?

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Betting is fun. So why don't you have some fun betting? Ok, hold on. Who wants to lose money betting even in sports that you like? I think we might not see many people who want to do that.

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Everyone wants to win in betting. That's why they get involved in betting for the first place. Now maybe you are wondering why people keep betting when they lose money.

If you check out how much money you put in and how much you get out of betting, the picture will be very clear to you. Betting is something that seriously affects your financial condition. You work hard to make money, you have a budget and you know how much you can save and do something with that.

We all want to make money, that's a good thing. But if that redirects in the wrong direction, you can end up in a bad place. You will only regret it when you realize that. And when you realize that, you have already lost a lot.

So what's going on in someone's mind when he/she bets? Let's see the psychological aspects. When someone notices that people get quick money on betting, that inspires him to start betting and sees it as a get rich quick system.

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When he bets, he will either win or lose. If he loses, he wants to get back the money that he lost. So he keeps betting although he wants to quit. In a hope of recovering the initial loss, he ends up losing more money.

When someone wins, he is very happy. He makes money quickly, so he wants to make more money. Demand is unlimited. He keeps betting to make more money. If someone wins on betting, that is temporary. Eventually, he will lose everything.

Whether you win or lose at the beginning, you will end up in the same place, that is, losing everything. @tomlee made a post about The Issue of Sports Betting where he mentioned,

I have seen a person use his school fees to bet and as we speak, he is no more in school. I also know of a person who used the funds for buying necessities for his baby to bet. Very terrible.

I do think you also see the same thing happens when people get involved in betting. They are addicted to it. Logic might not work that time, and it hurts that person's financial condition pretty badly. It affects negatively not only a single person who bets but also the entire family.

So I implore you, please notice what betting could do to someone's life and don't let that happen to someone you love.

Thank you @tomlee for sharing your thoughts about sports betting. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this post.

Wish you all the best!

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Sports⚔ betting🙂 is a fantastic and fun way to earn some money, but it can also be a negative way for you or your family to suffer. I don't know why, but in this world there are people who forget that as a result of his decisions to gamble ... his family will be the one who could suffer the most. It is always good that when you want to bet on something, you should limit yourself to the amount of money or good stuff, you can lose. All betting games are very much about the luck of each of us, a luck that unfortunately we don't meet every day. Keep🙂 it up - 🙋‍♂️Cheers

Most people lose in betting, even some people win, that's temporary. They eventually end up losing everything. I'm going to thumb up your comment as a way to say thank you @valentin86. :)

I used to bet on sports for a long time . I still do but nothing huge .

I don't bet to get good profits I just bet to spice up the game .

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Good for you, you are not involved in betting that level. Most people get trapped in betting and when they realize that, it's already too late.

You are absolutely right . Chasing losses is where people do wrong and lose out more than they can afford.

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