SPORTS Trading At 0.0002 HIVE and Great Opportunity To Make Money Online

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When things are not going well, we think it will not get better. The fact is, we can predict, but we cannot say for sure what would happen. SPORTS tokens went through a tough time. We saw how low the SPORTS price was. Now SPORTS is trading at 0.0002 HIVE. It is fascinating to see how it moves in a positive direction.


No matter how good something is, if people do not use it, it will not go anywhere in the end. Unfortunately, sometimes we see some organizations or companies underestimate it - the people, users, stakeholders, investors. Maybe they get some attraction and see some good results, and think they do not need to pay attention to the people. It is just a matter of time when you see that organization or company going out of business.

People love sports. People are more than happy to talk about it and sharing their feelings. We usually spend a lot of time with our friends talking about sports. Sometimes we see arguments like which team will do better, why, their strength, and so on. We all have a great time.

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Now what you do just for fun, you can do the same thing on SportsTalkSocial, get connected with like-minded people, and get rewarded with SPORTS tokens. It is too good to be true. But that's what is happening. If you talk about it with people who have no idea what's going on in blockchain-based platforms like Hive, they do not believe you. I found it too good to be true when I heard that you can earn directly from your posts getting like/upvote. So I checked out steemit back then, and this is how I am here on Hive.

You can talk about anything you want. If you write about specific niches like finance and cryptocurrency, LeoFinance is here. If you write and love to talk about sports, you are welcome to SportsTalkSocial. In your wallet, you will get rewards from your posts after 7 days. Then you can stake tokens, and it will increase your voting power. You will start earning curation rewards every time you upvote and support other posts.

If you read this post for the first time and you are not on Hive blockchain, I recommend creating a Hive account and making posts. Then you will see it on your own.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. See you around!

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Does leofinance only allow finance and cryptocurrency related post? We can posts on other topics?

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LeoFinance is a niche focussed tribe. You can post about anything related to cryptocurrency and finance.

Thanks for the reply. A bit of tangent question. Do you know the idea behind the naming of this tribe? Leo is something related with Horoscope Leo?

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It's just a guess, I have no idea.

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i think a slow and gradual rise in price is better than a sudden bump and dump
but the future of sports does look bringt

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The sudden rise and then fall in price will not good. Some people might get some extra cash trading when the price is high. But when we see the consistency, we are more confident about that project/tokens.

Thank you @jzn for sharing your thoughts!

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Sports necesita mas usuarios que comenten y hagan publicaciones