Reaching 23 Million Stake On SPORTS

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I remember that day. I saw a tribe named SportsTalkSocial. That is the tribe that focuses on sports. If you wanted to share sports posts on any sports platform, Scorum was there. When SportsTalkSocial started, it got a lot of attention. Popular sportswriters who used to write on Scorum started writing in this tribe.

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I was lucky to be here from Day 1. I am passionate about martial arts. I made posts about martial arts before. But I was not regular. Then I started making posts about martial arts and self-defense regularly. I would not say I got good STEEM rewards on my posts back then. But people here on SportsTalkSocial support me.

Once a dad made comment on my post saying he loves to see her daughter learning martial arts. Her daughter is very young, so she has to wait for a little to learn martial arts. We love our family and friends. We always want to keep them safe and see them smiling. Martial arts help you to be more aware of the situation and what to do to defend yourself.

Today I have reached 23 Million SPORTS stake. Thank you very much for your love, support, and feedback. A couple of months ago, SPORTS price was little. It started increasing and till now keeps increasing. You can check out the price on Hive Engine. You can buy and sell tokens or replace them, but the love and support people show, that's not replaceable.

I'd like to thank everyone for your support and feedback. It means a lot to me. It is difficult to find any person who does not like sports. If you like any sports, you are most welcome to share that on SportsTalkSocial. We were on Steem, now we are on Hive, no matter where we go, the relationship we have, it will always be there.

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Hi, I am Rezoanul Vibes. I'm a content creator and passionate learner. I write about lifestyle, martial arts, finance, and digital marketing. I make videos without me on the video. Well, you cannot see me, but you can hear my voice. You can visit my website I'm glad to meet amazing people all over the world.

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Congratulations man. That's a great stride. You were one of my motivation when it comes to staking SPORTS. Things are getting better.

I remember those times when you focused more on SPORTS. And you see the results. :)

Things are not happening accidentally. You spend your time and put your 100% effort to achieve that. Thank you @uyobong.sports for being with me on this journey.

23 millions is not a child's play.

Congratulations to you man.

I just can't wait to take the pain of
buying more sports and staking up.

Though I have never powered down my sports before.

Who knows! Maybe next time, you will make a post with an impressive amount of SPORTS stake! With you all the best,!, I think you need to reblogged your post on @botefarm. So, other friends can easily reach your posts and curate them.. :)

If I understand you well, you are advising that I use my alt to reblog my botefarm account, right?.

Because, except for Actifit post, all my botefarm post are reblogged.

Just want to be clear.

Congratulations! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Thank you so much!
See you around! :)

Damn thats a big chunk of the supply, what's your upvote worth now? I have been stacking sports too, will soon hit a million but damn 23 sounds like very far off. well done

My upvote is around 10600 SPORTS. It decreases gradually since more people are staking and active. That's a good thing. Thank you @chekohler for your comment! Wish you all the best!

congrats. this is a massive stake and it shows your dedication and commitment to the tribe.

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I have been making content consistently when SportsTalkSocial started its journey. I'm passionate about martial arts. When you really like something, you can push yourself further even though you are going through a hard time. Thank you @jzn for your feedback!

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Wow! 23 million SPORTS tokens is a great number... I'm also accumulating them, but very slowly as my rewards come mostly from Actifit and curation...

@ph1102, I think you need to make posts on sportstalk.. I like curating :)

Hehehehe... I suck at sports... Was following motorsport for some time, even had a website about F1, MotoGP and WRC, but life came and ruin everything... lol...

Anyways, if you like to curate sports, you can curate my Actifit reports, they earn SPORTS tokens also... The account that I use for that is @ph1102.ctp (the one that has upvoted your comment probably and earned you some CTP tokens... ;) )


What number impresses you today, you can achieve that. It is just a matter of time and consistent effort. Thank you so much @ph1102 for your comment!

Tbh, I have no idea how many SPORTS do I have staked... keeping my head down and doing my part...

Wow... that’s great to know it :)

Once someone told me his target is to get 20 Million. That time I thought ... WOW! That's huge!

Gradually I touched 20 Million and later it turned into 23 Million. It is a blessing to have people around you who are inspiring, positive-minded, and proactive.

And now you get it, and ever more :)

nice job

Thank you