Do You See Business Opportunities At This Time?

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We see big companies are going out of business because of the present situation. It is hard to survive in this situation. If you run a business or you are an entrepreneur, you know it very well.

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On the other hand, there are great business opportunities that you can grab right now. When people face problems, you can come up with a solution, and that can be your business. You are giving the solution that people are looking for.

If you are an investor, you analyzed and made the financial decisions before, you need to evaluate that again. It is because a lot of things that worked before will not work anymore. Let's watch this video.

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There are constantly business opportunities. Success is when preparation meets opportunity!

I agree with you. Success does not come by chance. You have to prepare yourself. You grab the opportunity because you are ready for it. Thank you so much @cryptoknight12 for your feedback!

There are a lot of opportunities to earn money at the moment... And you know at least one, as you are here on Hive :)

Glad to be here. There are always new things going on that you don't know much. So you can explore and figure it out. Thank you @ph1102 for your comment!

There are definitely opportunities even in this situation. I believe there will be even more opportunities here on Hive.

Yes, the way we see different projects are moving forward, and doing better we have more opportunities. This is a great time to be here compared to back days on steemit.