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Taking risks is probably a part of many of us. Some people find the thrill worth it, while some has to do it, while some just goes for it without even knowing and there are those who assess the risk options and decides upon the result of that assessment. I still am to decide on which category do I fit into!

If I have to say about myself, due to some situations, I often run into different circumstance. Where I often get to make the right call and once in a while it goes the other way around. It is hard to say what the outcome will bring of the situations that we go through but I am pretty much sure we do our best to make it work positively for us. Some circumstances also defines the outcome of certain risks at our dispoasl.

  • Our current situation of life
  • Our financial situation
  • What are you expecting from the task

and many others but these are the basic ones which makes influence on some of our choice making.

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On second thought, I also did some round ups and searched here and there and I came to conclusion of instead of keeping HIVE in liquid I thought of converting them to LEO. SO far I think it was one of the best decision for me over the last few days. The bump that LEO had with WLeo it is comparatively nothing but just a bump like Taskmaster mentioned in a comment. A long way to go LEO.

The latest risk management task that I have got myself into, is the MINING of KOIN token. Yep, recently this has been the talk of the town. Many users are getting into it and trying to mine it as per their requirement. I am not even sure how profitable it would be for me. As considering the amount of ETH that will be going behind this and not to forget about the electricity bill and the computing power behind it as of now I am in a loss ;) Well, technically I can not say that as we still are not aware of how much the price of KOIN will be once they are launched (according to the latest info that I am aware of). So this is still an unknown to figure out. I just wanted to get in on the project and see what I can actually do with this MINING protocol. I still have few amount of ETH left and will mine till it gets to a decent amount of coins. But man the GAS fees are going to be a real pain! ETH should come with the big solution which we have been listening to so many months for their own good.

While in addition to that I am preparing some funds to get into a different project (secret one) jk. My friend suggested me to invest on it and it seemed very decent to me, so I am preparing for that and hopefully it will be wise and profitable for both of us. Fingers crossed.

Honestly, it is really difficult to say which decision we take will turn out to be positive. But we can deduce the result of the upcoming action with the past encounters and this is just the speculations. And in some decisions it is hard to make right choice with just logic as emotions sometimes takes over us and thus the rest is history :)

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