USA VIP Nightclub Crypto News! BTC BCH XRP DOGE in Miami's Top Luxurious Nightclub

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Nightclubs and Crypto

📣 One of Miami's largest nightclubs, E11even, allows payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as part of a post-pandemic reopening plan.

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Specifically, according to an announcement from E11even, the nightclub will return to operation after the COVID-19 translation is checked in Miami, with a big surprise "the nightclub will accept payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, XRP and Dogecoin".

To provide an electronic payment method, E11even has partnered with a third-party electronic payment company but does not specify a name.

In the Heart of Down-Town Miami

To provide a method of payment, cryptocurrencies were part of a post-pandemic reopening program on April 23, before E11even closed on March 11 due to the large-scale COVID-3 pandemic.

This move took place in a completely natural way, as many E11even customers are becoming more and more involved in the cryptographic industry.


Miami itself appears as a major cryptographic city in the United States, the mayor of the city, Francis Suarez, is campaigning to make Miami the crypto capital of the country. In February, Suarez proposed an official resolution to allow Bitcoin to become an accepted payment method in the city's public sectors.

❓What do you think? How much would you pay to get a VIP entry and a full bar night? Should they introduce Leo, Cub, Hives, HDB in the future? There's never too late to tweet-tweet! them!

👉 Crypto lovers, the times are changing by the second!
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This is mass adoption happening for BTC and cryptocurrency as a whole, seems like the future is here!!

It's happening, @coininstant !

More acceptance would create More abundance
HIVE is Future if we kept it Safe till then

Yes, you've said that perfectly!
Thank you for reading.

Hive will's a "natural" process from here!

This is pretty cool for Miami to become a crypto mecca.

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Maybe one day I'll visit that night club :)) hehe