The Next Gem Finding Quest - $50 Mil. Put In By KuCoin Labs

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After being hacked with $150 mil. BTC last year:

KuCoin initiated the KuCoin Investment and Incubation Program on May 5. After 2018 and years of development, the program brings together a group of cryptography experts who have participated in market research, analysis and investment and have long incubated it in the cryptography industry.


source of photo with last year's BTC drama

KuCoin Labs has set up a $ 50 million fund to find the next cryptocurrency gem and empower early-stage encryption development projects.

KuCoin Labs has set up a $ 50 million fund to find the next cryptocurrency and empower early-stage encryption development projects.

At this time, KuCoin Labs is the investment and research force of the KuCoin ecosystem. With a team of market-oriented experts and researchers, KuCoin Labs diversifies and increases investment in projects at an early stage to help many BUIDLers achieve sustainable growth and success all over the world.

In addition to investing in building direct projects at an early stage, KuCoin Labs will empower the development of high-quality blockchain projects through marketing and PR support, counterpart assistance, planning, tokenomic design, and more.

In the future, KuCoin Labs will also provide diversified support through the KuCoin ecosystem for new blockchain projects.

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I've been kicked out of both Bittrex and Binance. KuCoin is the last one I got right now that allows me to trade from the US without KYC and I'm not sure if I shoulda said that.

There might be another one soon. I am waiting for them to launch their token. This is my December duplicate website with them They guys are South Koreans, placed very strategically in... Miami :). Their stock company is there as well. Here is the website for that . See if it has KYC or not. I haven't used it yet, I have just bought one pack of their tokens in the Pre-Ipo.

Damn you're a little gangster trader aren't you??

Why ain't you pushin 100k HP?! <-- dooooood. My autocorrect had HO!

I'm new to Hive, I know nada de nada :)

But each night I go to sleep I am thinking about HP numbers and how to minimize my time doing anything else during the day and be more in Hive :))

Tomorrow I'm invited to a B'day and I am glad I won't stay for come back in Hive after :)))

I want to be able to push it as I can to raise the HP myself. To learn, to experience, engage.