Pam-Pam!Coinbase CEO Liquidated $ 291.8 Million Shares After Listing on Nasdaq

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📣 Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's holdings are currently estimated at $ 7 billion.

Coinbase's investors and internal employees liquidated a total of about $ 5 billion in shares on the first trading day of Coinbase on Nasdaq earlier this week, according to SEC records.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong sold 749,999 shares in three rounds for $ 381 - $ 410.40 per share, for a total of $ 291.8 million.


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When asked about this issue, a Coinbase representative declined to comment because the company was in what was called the "quiet period".

In addition, Coinbase and venture capital director Frederick Wilson sold 4.7 million shares with revenue of $ 1.82 billion.

It is unclear how much of Coinbase's shares are still held by Frederick Wilson.
Several other institutions also liquidated Coinbase shares, such as Union Square Ventures 2012 Fund LP, also sold 4.7 million shares with revenues of $ 1.82 billion. This fund is also listed as the owner of a 10% stake in Coinbase.

Finally, software engineer and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, currently the director of Coinbase and owns more than 10% of the stock, along with his company Andreessen Horowitz and two joint ventures. The result sold a total of 1.18 million Coinbase shares for $ 449.2 million.

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I guess they were planning this giant btc damp! lol Coinbase can't really be trusted. They always lock customers out on spikes and dips too. I remember when I used to use them a long time ago that happened to me. One day they even had an "accounting error" and tried to steal actual btc coins from me. Luckily I was posting on steemit at the time and had screenshots just the day before, so they ended up giving them back. They have thieves working inside, or at least used to.

Thank you for this information. I will pass it to my best friend who's around now, we'll eat soon and I'll tell her. She has an account with them that she's using monthly.

My best wishes to you!

Yeah here is a screenshot log of my communications with coinbase years ago about my missing btc. They used the word bugs. LOL Funny I tried to look up this old post I made about it, and all other posts about coinbase, however they were since all censored off the steem blockchain?? Crazy!! Weird!!

Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 1.03.51 PM.png

Coinbase Case #31068

Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 1.03.18 PM.png

Please note that this was a long time ago, and they did correct it, I'm not sure they are still bad at accounting and nodes. I even do own some COIN stock, I'm not perfect!

:) I'm off and well without them. Last year I thought of trying them but then I read some nasty things about them on Minds and I said I'm ok without them.

The main reason behind direct listing was obvious else they would have come up with IPO. The Promoters of Coinbase might be having some insiders news regarding crypto. There are very big companies invested in whole crypto market and it might be their plan to start another dump, making crypto currency a worst assets to invest and saving their Federal Banking System.
The future is not yet decided
Time is Now