It’s not too late to buy SPORTS

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I just read a post by @uyobong questioning whether SPORTS is too late to buy or not. In my opinion it’s absolutely not too late to purchase as much SPORTS as possible since it’s the beginning of SPORTS price rally.


I joined Sportstalksocial at the birth of this platform. I remember that I purchased more than two millions of SPORTS at 0,002-0,004 Steem (it was still on steem-engine, and later Sports moved to hive-engine) when Steem price about $0,35.

Time goes and Sports price sinked so deeply, and it’s almost zero Hive. But, I kept posting and posting. I staked most of author’s and curation’s reward, but I also sold some SPORTS to increase my Steem/Hive power or to bu other second layer token on Steem/Hive-engine.

So, SPORTS price is totally cheap right now. It’s the best time to buy SPORTS and stake them. If you just look and wait, then you will see the price getting higher and higher. So, are you still waiting? I am afraid you will regret it.

In LEO case, I’ve regretted why not to buy more LEO when its price was only 0,10 Hive. I just bought about 8,000 LEO at that price. But for recent SPORTS’ price, I have no regret at all.

SPORTS is like a hidden treasure, and fortunately the map is on our hands right now. Just follow the direction, take some risks, and we will own the treasure. So, what are you waiting for?

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Pienso que aun esta muy economico hay que invertir

you've got a great stake !!
i picked up some too, it seems to have a great utility

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Good my friend. Just stake everything. Thanks :)

yes that's what i plan to do. power up everything :)

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I believe that SPORTS can still rise further. It is good to see that in the market the price is maintaining itself. With no severe evictions, we can see SPORTS appreciate even more in the future.

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Yes. I do to. Sports price in the future will touch the price of one year ago, it was about 0,001-0,004 Steem/Hive..

Surely, things will change faster than we can track about SPORTS. It would certainly shock many. Now is just the best time to buy into SPORTS token.

Yes. For sure. I really appreciate that you always take your time to promotw Sports :)

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Sure.. please stake your sports :)