The History of DOGECOIN | The Meme, the Myth, the Legend

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Dogecoin, the meme, the myth, the legend. If you haven't been living under a centralized rock, you have probably encountered this cryptocurrency that proudly portrays the cute and fluffy Shiba Inu dog breed as it's mascot. The most recent occurrence of the doge in our decentralized news feed, has been with it's recent rise in price and marketcap, after the richest man alive and future Iron Man, Elon Musk, tweeted a single word: doge. The absurdity of that aside, dogecoin has proven to be useful in more ways than one. But what started it all? Where did the doge come from? What started the meme and why does it refuse to die? I've taken it upon myself to gather some data on the history of this once-gag-coin.

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The Term

Before we start with anything else, we have to look at the term "doge". People did not just get up one day and decide to adopt the incorrect spelling of the word "dog" as a fact and/or religion. It is said that the earliest use of the term "doge" can be dated back to 2005 in the Flash-animated surreal comedy web series Homestar Runner starring the character Strong Bad. I could explain it, but it'd be better to just show you.

And so Doge was born, not knowing it would soon become one of the worlds greatest memes.

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The Meme

And then came the meme, along with the mascot and that famous picture of the Shiba Inu doge meme. It came on February 23rd 2010 to be exact, when Japanese teacher Atsuko Sato posted pictures of her recently adopted Shiba named Kabosu. This picture being among them:


In October of that same someone posted that picture to reddit and it blew up, going viral in a big way, and it become synonymous with the term "DOGE". The meme is often accompanied by phrases like "much wow", "very money", "such active", which they call mono-syllabic dialogues. A key moment happened 3 years later in 2013 when 4chan members raided a subreddit r/murica with all kinds of variants of the meme, which was met with little to no opposition, possible signifying how loved the meme had become among all groups of people. Doge was names the top meme of 2013 as a result.

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The Coin

The cryptocurrency itself also started out as a joke, much like its meme origins. A simple tweet at the end of 2013 about a possible cryptocurrency called Dogecoin led to a community being formed and people rallying around the idea. This resulted in 2 software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer launching the actual crypto coin in December 2013.

Dogecoin slowly but surely become a crypto sensation, serving as a tipping mechanism on many platforms, one of the most stable crypto micro earnings you could get, mostly on faucets, and even becoming a way to sponsor people in need and sustainable projects around the world without the hassle that big boys like Bitcoin brought with them. Not to mention the geographically stagnant fiat currencies. A notable community sponsorship came in January 2014 when the Jamaican bobsled team was backed by Dogecoiners for the Olympic Games.


The meme crypto has come a long way since then. While still being laughed at some, it is one of the ways people transfer value from one place to another, partly because of the low transaction fees. That's my reason at least. Dogecoin is a good example of the fact that you could and should expect anything when you get into the crypto game. Nothing makes sense, but then again everything does. One thing's for sure, Doge is here to stay.

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