Is Coinbase Earn Worth the Hassle?

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The short answer is yes, if you like making $155.55 for 5 minutes work 😆

And now that clickbait sentence is out of the way, lets get down to brass tax.

This was achieved by taking every coinbase earn opportunity I could during the bear market, and then forgetting about the altcoins I had earned. The truth is that my full coinbase earn portfolio is currently worth $290, and was recently worth $324 at the market peak on 13th Feb.

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You could be forgiven for thinking that this type of opportunity is over. Altseason is well underway, so these types of gains are impossible you may think. This is simply not true. While it is true that you'd probably never make the same percentage of free gains I hopefully will from coinbase earn, it is entirely possible to make decent gains by using coinbase earn now.

Just do the tasks then leave it until near the end of this bull market before selling those coins. Or, if you fancy playing the altcoin lottery, keep an eye on how each coin is doing and sell them during market spikes to reinvest in other altcoins with more room for pump.

My point is that it is rarely a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth. The sooner the better with coinbase earn, and with each task taking minutes to complete it is a no brainer.

How did I turn 5 minutes work into $155? Lets do some maths.

Taking the COMP earn promotion as an example, my initial payment for watching a three minute tutorial video about the Compound project and answering a few questions about the quiz, was roughly $19. This has now grown to $88 value through the coin's price rise. That is just under a five X or 50% return.

Screenshot 147.png

Similarly, the Stellar Lumens XLM promotion earned me $38 worth of XLM in total, for five minutes watching videos. As can be seen in the screenshot below I withdrew and sold over half of my earned portfolio (150 XLM) in June last year and the value of what is left has risen to $67 now. If I hadn't have sold them my XLM would be worth approx $140, over three X (30%) their value at the time of earning.

Screenshot 148.png

I honestly think that this altseason is far from over, which means the opportunity for some easy money from Coinbase earn is still there. As altcoin parabola seems to go in cycles this opportunity could possibly be compounded if you time it by doing the tasks at a point where Bitcoin shoots up and altcoins pull back. But that method trusts to luck.

Currently XLM & COMP promotions are still open via my links, also there are opportunities to make $6 of CGLD (Celo), $3 of NU (NuCypher) and $3 of GRT (The Graph) in the earn tab on coinbase. This might all seem like chump change, but those itty bits of crypto could turn into enough to get your car fixed, or to pay for a mini break next valentines day.

I plan to hold all of these altcoins until the end of the year when I hope the portfolio might pay for a budget holiday.

Who said money doesn't grow on trees! Benidorm here we come 😆

...Now for the affiliate link shilling.


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Thanks for reading.

Declaration: these are all referral links which earn me a small amount of crypto but do not affect how much you can earn through these opportunities. If you would like to further support my writing on hive please consider using my referrals. Thanks 🙂


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Coinbase earn is the ideal way to get newcomers into crypto. It explains how crypto works and rewards a good amount for doing very little.

The only issue is, it's coinbase. So it very rarely works. Two people I referred are still stuck on verification.

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 4 months ago (edited)

The only issue is, it's coinbase. So it very rarely works. Two people I referred are still stuck on verification.

Damn... I didn't know that. I've had two referrals for the Stellar Lumens earn which both came through. One of them I'm not sure who it was (probably someone on here) but the other one I know who it was and they said they had no problems. They also signed up to coinbase with my link and verification no problems, but they were located in the US.

I think Coinbase ain't the best at times when the market is busy, as has been shown when BTC markets suddenly down during high volatility.

It explains how crypto works and rewards a good amount for doing very little.

As you point out though, the earn program is a good way to get newcomers interested and doubly so if they get in at the right time like I did and see those $6 micro payments turn into $20-$30 maybe even $100's in the near future.

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I think I converted all my Coinbase Earn earnings to BTC last year before things went crazy so already sailed those waters! Great way to earn a little bit and learn about crypto to - those videos can be quite informative!

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Yeah, I found the process quite enlightening to be fair. Even though I've been in crypto since early 2017 they were still a good, and easy to take in, resource to learn.

Plus free crypto, who's gonna complain.

This time next year... benidorm off the back of my coinbase earn-ings. Actually fck benidorm, I'll go to lanzarote where it is cheap, but the scuba diving is good 🤑

You better believe I'm gonna write a story about that, probably pitch it to a newpaper to be honest.
Brit Flys the Nest of Back of Free Bitcoin Bonanza
The headline almost writes itself. As long as the sun don't try and get their filthy mits on the story 😂

Lol, either that or the Daily Mail! They love a piece of pap story! I have my eyes set on a few places, Malta being one, Portugal another but once that passive income properly kicks off, the world is the oyster (once the pandemic is over of course)!

Been on some kind of waiting list for the last two years lol

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Ha ha, well that is a bit frustrating. have you tried hassling them via email. I seem to remember I had to mess around with tech support on my first withdrawal from coinbase... but since then it has been plain sailing. I don't really cash out using them much tho, I find swissborg much better (and cheaper) than CoinBase for both buying and selling crypto.