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RE: Why Posting From LeoFinance is One of the Best Ways to Grow Our Token & Community

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If tribes introduce the functionality of posting in communities of user's choice then tribe can see multifold increase in their traffic.

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Yeah, that's an interesting concept and definitely something to consider.

We have the ability to do that for LeoFinance, but I believe that the actual use case for utilizing the site to post should be when a user is posting something Finance-related (which means that it should automatically go into the LeoFinance Hive community anyways). To add the ability to choose a different community would open the doors for people to post things to that are not Finance-Related.

My recommendation is to use whenever you want to post/curate Finance content. Whenever you want to post/curate non-finance content in other communities, I think is a great option :)

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I think that a selected list of communities that you could post to from the LEO front end would be a very useful function and could drive more growth for the LEO frontend.

I'll use Spinvest as an example - our community page on peakd looks pretty ordinary. Alot of posts don't end up there as we use LEO front-end usually, and cross-posting isn't a great solution. But our posts are probably only of interest to 20 -30 people as they are more reports for our members than general finance content, most LEO users probably ignore them.

If we could use LEO front-end, and place our posts direct into our community, perhaps with some kind of drop down choice, would be nice. I think it could incentivise people to build communities around niche topics, under the LEO banner, and bring more variety to LEO. Someone passionate about a specific investment topic (e.g. property investment)could build a community around it, they would have an incentive to grow their community LEO stake and take "ownership" of the moderation of that niche. The community would be under the LEO banner, but independantly operated. It could add a layer of decentralisation to LEO content. If the community ends up being badly run, they could be removed if need be (remove their HIVE from the LEO scot).

Just thinking out loud here, but having sub-communities could add to the appeal of the LEO interface. It's already great, but this could add a new growth path. The tag system down the left side could be replaced by communities. Imagine a list of communities like SSG, property investment, stocks, T.A., collectables, crypto and so on, all with their own moderation and community ownership, but all under the LEO banner and available from

Don't know how hard this would be to do @khaleelkazi?

Feeds on LeoFinance could cover all sub-communities, or have a link to a LEO communities feed that would only include peoples subscribed choices.

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For LeoFinance this functionality will not matter much because they have very specified domain.(and post of leofinance are supposed to be in leofinance community only).
But it will be a big value to tribe like neoxian,palnet and ctp that are dealing with vast variety of subjects.

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