My LBI governance team nomination - @r1s2g3

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I thought about it for long time whether I should nominate myself or not and finally I thought to give it a try. Though I never tried these sort of roles but everything need a beginning and I this I decided to try my beginning.

I have been in Hive space since Dec 2017 and in fact I keep an eye on Hive development very keenly though I am occasionally post/comment about them.

I am almost consistent in showing up daily in Hive and I think I can easily manage time for lbi-gov duty. I like to read a lot and fairly active in the LEO platform too.

Though I am not managing/trading on crypto as such but my understanding on crypto is gained by reading books like "Mastering Bitcoin" and "Mastering Blockchain" and reading the post of the Bitcoin core developers.

I am avid gamer in Hive, having my presence on Splinterlands, Risingstar, Dcity, Cryptobrewmaster, Holybread and Rabona. I played Nextcolony too before it shutdown last year. I definitely bring my gaming experience in LBI team.

I am also watching the Hive tribe and you can easily spot me in Leo ,CTP and neoxian Discord.

How I will make a good governance team.
I believe that for doing a job, you need time and will and I think I have both for LBI.

What I add to team.
I think I add my gaming experience and I feel that I can really able to spot the opportunities. Since I am avid reader too, I can research any topic thoroughly.

Hive achievements
As of today, my Hive investments are now spreading around $5000 , all build by putting my time and effort.

My belief in Hive:

I am not only participant of HivePUD but also a sponsor of HivePUD Spanish Version.

My Belief in Leo:

I have close to 6000 Leo staked and I delegate my HP to leo.voter.

My Belief in LBI:

I hold 1500+ LBI and have faith in LBI team.

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Please feel free to upvote ,reblog and comment.

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Shared in reddit, My userid in Reddit is /user/r1s2g3

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Your current Rank (22) in the battle Arena of Holybread has granted you an Upvote of 44%

If I vote for you, would you share some tips on all the games you mentioned please ? haha
It's very good to see all these nominations finally !

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It's all free friend, you will find the details on my existing post and feel free to ask.

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I’ll have a look and might come with even more questions ;)

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Sure, you are welcome.

Congratulations on stepping up, I'd love to see you on the team!

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Thanks Friend for your support.

let see how it proceeds.

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Thank you for stepping up. :)

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Thanks for your stop by. If chosen I will not shun the responsibilities.

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O wow... best of luck and wish you will get a position.... you are very active in leo ctp tribe....

Thanks friend.

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Hey great nomination, I think you'd make a great addition to LBI team!

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Thanks for your kind words, really appreciated.

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Great to see also this nomination coming in! Gamers are always welcome due to the resourcefulness in finding fast solutions!

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Thanks Friend, If selected I will do my level best.

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Thanks Friend, If selected I will do my level best.

That is for sure! I think all candidates are interested to bring the best in this project!

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