Can Hive will be benefitted by Blockchain interoperability

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So few days ago we saw the launch of wLeo and that also paved the way for Leofinance for Ethereum user. With Launch of "LeoInfra" the next step was to connect with other blockchain and may be other real world application.

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If you see the top 10 in the market cap. you will find 2 projects namely Chainlink and Polkadot that will work with Blockchain operability . On future we are going to see real word application will be tied to any to provide much need transparency to the end users.

What do you think if all real world applications can be able to use blockchain with just click away.

I have no idea ,how much government will support the cryptocurrencies but they are in progress to adopting the Blockchain and ultimately it will pave way for mass adoption of the crypto.

I was also reading that Holybread game is going to implement IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication) protocol in their game. Does it means my assets in game will gain market on larger audience. Do it means Hive Nft can be purchased and sold om any blocjchain.

I feel Hive is very robust blockchain to build things and we know Hive current prize will also make economical for user onboarding.

So .do you think if we keep building on Hive, we will be rewarded when cross blockchain operation will give us a large market at once?

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I think blockchain interoperability will become essential going forward and HIVE have the potential of being in the mix, we've seen a glimpse of what is capable with wHIVE, wLEO etc.

Yes, specially when everyday life will be touched by it.

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