Brainstorming Ways To Make $1 Per Day

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Today I was doing research online on one of my favorite topics, how to make $1 per day. However, the results I ran into were not very interesting to me, and I could never see myself doing those things. The best strategies to make one dollar per day are those that can passively earn, with very little intervention.

A savings routine that I sometimes do, is put $1 away everyday and it's usually in cash. It would be nice to find something that can automatically withdraw $1 per day in some form of investment. Despite the tremendous results, saving is a little different than earning. I am looking for ways to earn money not save money, I have my own methods for saving.

If you are reading this and have any ideas for me, please provide them in the comments below.

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Yes, I see lots of blogs on and off the blockchain about making passive income, etc. While there's many ways to do this, it's not always the best fit for everyone. Saving $1 a day is easy enough to do with your own money is interesting when you do put one aside a day for a month or so (and put it out of your mind), it really adds up...

So imagine doing that as a long term goal....I love squirreling away money, forgetting about it & then rediscovering it later...then I can pay a bill, buy crypto (HIVE :) ) or just enjoy a treat. :)

This is a nice topic and yes, making a Dollar as a passive income is not that easy.

I have been investing in Cryptos with whatever Hive I earn as post payout and even in Steem Monsters cards hoping to earn from both of these and I earn passive income on Cryptos like EPC(Epic Token) and Qurator tokens in the form of Hive and Steem and I am not an active blogger on Steemit, so, I have delegated most of my SP to others and earn Steem.

But, all those things I mentioned above doesn't give me a Dollar worth passive income for sure and I would be happy to know from your readers hopefully someone comes up with other ideas they might have.

Thanks for touching upon nice topic and I reached here thru @russellstokley's blog as you are the featured author in his blog.

Thanks and have a good day :)

Every day put $1 on the side, and then at the end of the month buy HIVE :)

It takes time and effort to make passive income.

Passive income in the beginning is anything but passive.

The best way I found to do this is online.

I found tools that my business requires: email autoresponders, link tracking, excellent training.

Some people will make money right out of the gate, but most people will take 30-90 days to make their first sale.

If you do these tools they will be recurring, and now the snowball starts.

For example the program I promote for training pays $11/month. That means I need just 4 sales to make the $1/day in passive income and cover the cost of the program.

It is not easy but it is so worth it!

Hope you have a fantastic day!

This is a interesting topic in click track profits learning system there is a lesson on making it a goal to start earning 2.75 passive income a day then when you learn that learn to earn 27.50 passive for a month and keep increasing. I am currently trying to get to the 2.75 passive a day for a month 😀

Work Actively and build asset ,after few year rent out these assets.

The thing with passive income is you have to let it accumulate before you can withdraw. So even if you make a dollar a day, you still must wait to get it.
With CTP we have a lesson on making 2.74 a day which I'm still trying to get to, but it is possible.

I do several different things on my cell and probably do make a dollar a day combined, but I've never really tracked it. but I do withdraw several times a month from the various apps. This is what I call my play money cause I usually use it to get something I want that doesn't cost much. $5 here, $10 there, it all adds up.