Someone bought 5000 BTC call options for $ 50 000 per BTC, expiring 31/12/2021!

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The Wolf of all streets

On Twitter I follow @scotmelker aka "The Wolf of all streets". A very informative twitter profile with amazing tips and hints for trading positions, that are usually spot on... And all for free.

Now yesterday, he spotted something, someone has bought 5000 BTC call options for BTC at 50 000 USD that expire on 31/12/2021. And he paid between 1100 and 1200 USD for them. That is one ballsy trade. But maybe he is spot on. I don't know, but it is very interesting to know. And apparantly Scott is quite confident this is going to be reality. Which is also ballsy to say, especially in his position as a trader sharing his positions.


Now if this guy is going to make any money with his options, is hard to tell, but imagine Bitcoin suddenly surging to 20000 USD in the next few months. Then his options will also surge in value, so he does not have to hold them until the end of 2021. Maybe his position is not that mad after all...

Who knows...



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And he paid between 1100 and 1200 USD for them

So he bought them in this price and want to sell at 50 K ?

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