Since the corona virus arrived, influenza cases dropped 98 % worldwide!

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Very peculiar

So, I got a Personal Message via twitter from a follower of mine. Which wanted to show me so very interesting information. I must admit, I was baffled!

First some information about the influenza season. On the Northern Hemisphere, the flu season starts in November and ends in the month of March. On the Southern Hemisphere, it is the other way around, it starts in March and ends in the month of November. Nothing strange there, all a bit weather related.

But what happened to influenza as of March this year is to be very blunt, astonishing and hard to believe...

This graph below is straight from the World Health Organisation, and shows the prevalence of influenza week by week, worldwide. And you know what? Influenza just magically disappeared as of week 13 and 14 of this year. And yes, on both hemispheres!

IMG_5184 002.jpg


Now begins the question, is this a cover up where Covid-19 is actually just a heavy strain of influenza? Or is there a correlation in which Covid-19 pushes out susceptability for influenza? Who knows, and I surely don't. But it is very interesting and weird at the same time. And actually kind of good news too, because it clearly shows that a double epidemic is not really an option. Which is good for hospitals and the economy!


Anyway, if someone has more information about this, I am really interested!



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Covid is flu... Like 9 is a number, or lion is an animal... I don't understand why people think differently?

If you ask me, then there is no virus, its all fake, and they forced doctors to report fake corona-deaths with monetary incentive for each related death, then all other death-causes plummet even in the official statistics, weird they didn't fake that part??