Facemask mandate already forecasted into 2022!

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Is this still about a virus?

Today, I am really posing my concerns for the future. I fear the old normal is not be back soon, if it ever will be back! A few articles in our mainstream media today caught my attention.

First of all there was the spokesman of the Belgian CDC, Steven Van Gucht, that stated that "normal" as we were used to it will not be back before summer of 2021, and even then "there will still be restrictions". What? Yep, it feels like they are already preparing us for a hostage of our freedom for a few years.


And then there was another article from a Dutch newspaper, "De Telegraaf", that said that the mask mandate, that has now recently been posed in The Netherlands, will probably last well into 2022. Even if there is a working vaccine!

This is not just about a virus anymore. Now I am convinced, this situation is used as a test case for crowd control. They are testing us, and looking how far they can push the people without uprising! And I am sick of it, and I hope others are too, and we can unite ourselves. This is just becoming outrageous. Lockdowns, masks, stay at home orders, for a few weeks, Ok, but not for years. That is just mental warfare, and a total rape of the economy!




a total rape of the economy!

And not just the economy... they doing that to the ordinary people... This was never about the virus...

Seems it may be good for you to read this:

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