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RE: The 75-25 rewards simulation and POB tax discussions.

in LeoFinance2 months ago (edited)

It's nice to see the data, and you(can I say you?), are doing a good job!! I'm learning a lot(I'm a data apprentice)!!

I'm not in favor of the 75/25, and I can say that easily because I'm not a whale, I'm a minnow(if I can call me this...), but I think that balance is better.

I don't like to much the tax reaching only one part, but I understand the necessity of having a tax. I think that we have to talk about what is more near to our reality at this moment, and this means resolving this subject( 75/25 split) maybe doing a pool (and think most of the votes will be on the "no" side), and focus in more practical ones, maybe changing the way the tax works?

Well, I hope that this comment doesn't go in the wrong way, but I'm seeing too many people gaining POB only talking about this and other similar subjects(it's not your case). And I bet that I'm not the only one seeing all of this and feeling uneasy...

And if saying this could hindering me in the future, so be it, all will be fun until it isn't.

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