April 30th, European session

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At the auctions in Europe, the main currencies went into negative territory. The most affected were the euro (-0.3%) and the New Zealander (-0.3%). The EUR/USD pair declined amid weak statistics and a general strengthening of the dollar.

Economic activity in Germany declined again in the first quarter. The preliminary GDP of Germany for the 1st quarter amounted to -1.7% against the forecast of -1.5% q / q (the previous value was 0.5% q/q).

Preliminary GDP in the euro area contracted by 0.6% q / q in the 1st quarter against the forecast of -0.8% and the previous value of -0.7%. On an annualized basis, the figure was -1.8% YoY, compared with the forecast of -2.0% and the previous figure of -4.9% YoY.

A separate report reflected a decline in the unemployment rate to 8.1% in March from 8.3% in February.

The dollar index rallies as the yield on 10-year bonds rose 7% to 1.64% in five days. On Thursday, it fell from 1.686% and does not want to go below. As a result, buyers began to worry that growth would resume to 1.76% The EUR/USD pair dropped to 1.2077 and according to the latest quotes, buyers will try to recover their daily losses.

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