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RE: All The HIVE DOLLARS This Topic Generates Is YOURS Week Three!

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I have not bought any land yet. If I do it would be a few plots because I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on land. Also I spotted a typo, a region is $15,000 not $1500. What about you. Have you purchased any land yet?


Thanks for noticing that typo, Fixed.

I haven't bought any land yet either. I missed out on the presale and I don't feel like paying double then what it was originally offered for. I also don't want to spend thousands on land. To be honest I'm a little surprised at the cost of land. The game itself cost just $10 but a plot of land is double.

The deals don't start until one buys 100 plots (A Track) for $1700. That's a large amount of money for the average player to spend on virtual land in a game. I feel as there should be a discount at a more reasonable price entry. Possibly at the $200 level like with boosters.

I read that land is in the mystery potion so I might buy a mystery potion or two to see if I get lucky.



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I'm also a little discouraged at buying them at double the presale. But I may give in and buy a few anyway.

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