Learn & Earn, free Graph Tokens by Coinmarket cap. The answers.

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Learn and earn.

Reward: Graph Tokens.

I found a new campaign at Coinmarket cap, watch some learning videos about The Graph, answer a quiz, and easily earn some free Graph tokens.

the graph.png

Let's go step by step.

1. Signup in Coinmarketcap.

2. You must have an 8-digit Binance ID, if you have not a Binance account, sign up in Binance using my ref link: https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=U9RI3EXH and find your Binance ID.

3. Then go here.

4. Watch the videos and solve the Quiz go down on the page and hit the 'take the quiz!' button.
graph guiz.png

The answers in my opinion.

Quiz Answers:

1. Question: What is the total supply of GRT tokens?
The answer is here.


2. Question: What is The Graph?

Answer: An indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data.

3. Question: What are subgraphs?

Answer: Open APIs that anyone can query.

4. Question: What’s the query language used for Subgraphs?

Answer: GraphQL.

5. Question: What do Curators do?

Answer: Signal on quality subgraphs by depositing GRT (The Graphs native token) in return for curation shares.

6. Question: What are Indexers?

Answer: Node operators that index data and serve queries.

7. Question: Why do indexers have to stake GRT?

Answer: For economic security so if they misbehave they can be slashed (lose their GRT).

8. Question: By delegating GRT to Indexers what can you do?

Answer: Help secure the network and make sure there are plenty of indexers to serve and process data for the crypto economy.

Tokens will be automatically distributed to your Binance wallet when the quiz is ended.

Thank you!

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Always nice these Learn to earn initiatives. How much will you get?
I posted about a GRT giveaway on Coinbase last week.
They give away $3 of Graph.

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I don't know how much will receive but usually is almost $3-$10.