I stand with LeoFinance!

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Most of Leo community may have heard of yesterday's hack that wleo ruptured, for those who do not know yesterday wLEO contract was exposed to a hack on Ethereum which led to a massive drain on the pool.
The official announcement of LeoFinance is here. Also an article related to this hack can be found here.

@khaleelkazi and the rest LeoFinance team acted as quickly as possible to save what they could from the pool exposed to the hacker.


After this bad moment for the story of LeoFinance I want to state that I will continue to trust this community for the serious work it does and I believe that it will be able to achieve its goals and overcome this awful hacking, such as overcomed it other similar projects.
So I stand with LeoFinance, I continue to be on the side of this wonderful community, yesterday I staked some liquid Leo that I had and maybe in the next few days I will buy some more liquid Leo to show my confidence in the community.
What does not kill you, makes you stronger! We are moving forward strongly Leo community!

Thank you!

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Thank you for continuing to create content and support the community. We’ll rise out of this stronger and better for it. Tough times, but a great opportunity to grow and reach new heights

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I am sure you will do your best, I will support it.
Good strength for the sequel!

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Me .. Too.

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