I sold my NFT cryptomonkeys in a good price.

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Hello guys, many of those who know me, know that I like to earn free tokens/coins/NFTs, so I participate in many giveaways bounties etc. Many giveaways are fake but there are some serious projects that distribute real earnings to their followers.

One of these projects is the cryptomonkeys, I often participate in its giveaways and I have received some cryptomonkeys NFT cards, as I had said in my previous post.

About two months ago I received the Unimonkey NFT card. I had made an offer for sell it.

Two days before, I sold this card for 500 Wax, the current worth is $21.60. Not bad free earnings from a giveaway.

In fact I received 455 Wax, I do not know exactly why, but probably from some fees that were kept, anyway it is still quite good earnings.

Thank you!

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This is really nice earnings. Where did you get info about this giveaway.

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If you want to participate in future giveaways follow cryptomonkeys in twitter, publish0x, discord.

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i am so into nfts! just recently discovered about them

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They have a particular philosophy but it is the future of cryptos.

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I've been stock piling NFT's from all over the place. NBA Top Shot. I really like the uplift Art series.

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