I am in SMART Level 1 in Travala.com.

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Travala is a project that I had heard about over a year ago and I confess I was impressed.

What is Travala?

Travala is a cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking.
For more you can read here.

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I wanted to find time to study it better but the time was passing without finding free time to learn more about it. One day while reading a related article by @trumpman, I realized that this project had its own currency. I shook my head a little because I would have liked to have bought this token from the first moment I heard about the project but even then it was not too late, its price was relatively low.
I bought a few tokens but it was not enough, although I had set a goal to gradually get 500 tokens to participate in the SMART level 1 that provides many benefits. Its price went up a bit but I sacrificed part of my favorite AAVE Token which gave me a big profit and part of some of USDT that were waiting for a warm investment, so toped up the 500 tokens.

Here are the levels of the SMART program: Discounts, loyalty, and bonus rewards.

smart program.png

Since yesterday I have stacked 500 AVA and I am an owner of Smart Level 1, now I'm waiting to receive my first benefits next month.

smart contract.png

Here is my stacked 500AVA in the sum of 9.623.500 stacked AVA.


Why did I decide to invest in a tourism program in the midst of this difficult pandemic we live in?

Because I believe that during this period the price of the AVA token is quite underestimated, I hope that soon we will be able to get rid of the covid-19 and tourism will flourish again, so I will continue to buy more ΑVΑ tokens.

In Travala's Telegram group you can see in detail the smart levels that are stacked, the total of the stacked AVA tokens, and the reservations that are made daily in hotels, homes, flights.

If you like Travala and you want to join feel free to use my referral link: https://www.travala.com/ref/E7Y9NC.
After you create an account and make your first booking of US$200 or more, we will both earn US$25 worth of AVA rewards to our Travala.com wallet after you complete the stay at the property.

Disclaimer: This is not financial/investment advice. It is just my conviction about. Always make your personal research before investing in Cryptocurrencies.

Sources about Travala.com

Homepage: https://www.travala.com/
Burns: https://blog.travala.com/category/burns/
Staking & Bonuses: https://www.travala.com/smart
Blog: https://blog.travala.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/travalacom?lang=el
Telegram: https://t.me/s/Travala_announcements

Thank you!

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This is one bet for the future as the tourism should bounce back in 2021 and Travala with its token and also a portal site supporting it, should lift off. I did the same, I deposited 1k in Smart 2 and thinking of buying some more and make it to Smart 3 with 2.5k staked.

You are right I believe in this project.
Ιn the end, I believe we will be right.

μονο εγω απεμεινα :P

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