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RE: The Crypto Great Filtering

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We have a different kind of noise now in the bull market! It's getting back to everyone and his doge thinking they're a genius investor but I agree, as soon as those layer 2 solutions come along, BTC will absorb a lot of those alts - a lot of cultists on twitter these days though and they may not go quietly!

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Yeah I don't see any alt going down quitely, even Bitconnect people still said HODL your BCC even after the lawsuit, lol theres no rationality in this game. I just think that sats are wildly undervalued and chasing a coin because of its price seems like you just making life more complicated than it needs to be.

I get defi and staking if you going to go try and earn a yield but if you want price action, Sats do it just as well as any alt

Yeah definitely and the lending platforms that are out there already to earn yield on sats, why would you look anywhere else?

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Lol because you still have a fiat mindset, so many crypto holders still think in fiat but think because they hold crypto they fine! If you make fiat decisions in a Cryptos space you will get burned

Lol, I think making any decisions in crypto gets you burned!

If you don't get burned, how do you expect to learn? If you don't learn, how will you earn? All part of the circle of crypto Simba


Thank you sensei. I've got 1st degree crypto burns 🔥

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