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RE: Bitcoin Is Dirt Cheap - The Trouble With Unit Bias

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So glad to just be DCA and getting about 50k sats each day to add to the 4% savings account! I can't keep telling people they don't need to buy 1 whole BTC and them not doing anything about it, I would feel bad taking their sats too but you can lead a horse to water, you can't make them drink it, and I'm one thirsty animal 💦

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Do we have a duty to share Bitcoin with others? Yes I think so, if some take us up on the offer great, but for those that don't I have a duty to grab as many sats as I can and keep it safe to sell to them at an absurdly high price in the future lol.

I was doing some wage calculations lately and in purchasing power my wages have gone down over the last 10 years even though the nominal number goes up. I regret not buying more gold early on and then when I discovered BTC going harder on it, but we live and we learn and I try to correct these mistakes as best I can

I know what my duty is and I follow those same ones too! Sat soldier, brother's in arms!

I don't think I could have gone any harder in BTC this year. The steem HF got me to 1 coin which was the golden goal, now it's BTC redfish, might load up a bit more in Celsius just to get the interest but don't want to lose that 1 coin in the ledger status haha! You must be close to 1 now?

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LOL You know when the Brits go war, the colonies have to follow. So here I am, fighting for every sat!

I am with you there, I could go harder but then I would also be a lot thinner and malnourished and its something I debate regularly lol

I'm in the high 0.9s now I am hoping when the altcoin flipping happens, I'll have enough stake in one of them to close the gap, secure the ledger and then revert some into USDT for celsius


LOL, it's a tough balance on how hard you go on the sats. No point in having them if you are literally wasting away but at the same time, if you're not getting sats, someone else is!

My man, I will be the first to welcome you in to the cluuuub! All aboarrrrrrrrd! 1 BTC on the Ledger, lock that shit away, then you can just play around with the rest, get them to work for you, no room for lazy non-soldier sats here. GET TO WORK BOIIII! Drop and give me 10% APR!

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