Why this is keep happening with Coinmarketcap.com

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This is 4th time I found mis leading information about HIVE on Coinmarketcap.com


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That's unfortunate for us, but it's expected when you have two Hive blockchains..

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First it's our fault that choosing this name. We need to rebrand it soon to avoid further confusion.

Second it's also our opportunity to realise that HIVE community to make more connection with other Crypto leaders via Twitter.

Because me Tweeting and some well known crypto person Tweeting is a big difference

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That's indeed pretty bad. I say we just make up our own silly names for the co-founders and CEO of Hive. I'll nominate:
Co-founder: Helga Von Schnigglefritz
Co-founder: Yuri Furinstalski
Hive CEO: Sunrise Rainbow Waterfall Jones

I wasn't expecting this from Coinmarketcap.com

HIVE needs rebranding

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(1) My gut tells me that Hive does not need rebranding...that the others will slowly fade away or, at least, lazy journalists will eventually catch on. (2) I hate to even open this door, if Hive was to rebrand, any name suggestions? We're still young. If rebrand, do it now.

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I hope you're correct.

Let's see discuss this again in few months :)

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I think it's just an honest mistake. The Confusion between the 2 Hive Projects is real.

I wrote about this today...

If you go to Hive Blockchains recent video, you can see a lot of ppl in the comments are confused as well.

The truth is, we were in the wrong to take a name that had already been taken.

People making mistake with confusing cryptocurrency HIVE with company HIVE is understandable.

But I was't expecting this from CoinMarketcap.com

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If you type “Hive blockchain” on GOOGLE, our beloved blockchain is not listed in the first results. It is not easy to spread a system based on the internet if not even internet searches find it.


Coinmarketcap.com shouldn't be using google to describe what HIVE is.

We must rebrand HIVE in the near future to avoid further confusion.

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yes I agree. Currently, HIVE is too difficult to find in internet search engine searches. Others made a rebrand, I think of Lend who became AAVE

Oh it's SOOOOOO on purpose.

To add confusion...Hive vs. The world man...It's part of our DNA.

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We should shift our focus on Crypto people/project that empower decentralisation. Me personally getting better in ignoring STEEM and focusing other projects that HIVE can partnership.

HIVE needs rebranding in the future.

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Yeah man, karma is coming to that blockchain. Always comes back around.

I would say that their journalists/writers should better understand the crypto world. Do an "under cover" but not so undercover and let them get a feel of how it all goes, works, etc. But what do I know right? 🙈

Did you confront them about it? One time is "ok bummer, but by the fourth time I'll blame you 😒

I wasn't expecting this from CoinMarketcap.com

All we can do is keep up the good fight and take actions such as rebranding HIVE in the future.

More importantly we must keep building & actively looking for major partnerships

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Yes, the best advertisement is when you control your own narrative.

I wonder if our Hive will pick up some collateral benefit from the interest in the other Hive (with the ticker symbol HIVE)...

Can it be used to our Hive's advantage somehow ?


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My honest answer is No.

We must rebrand HIVE in the near future to avoid further confusion.

Also this is an evidence how out of touch our HIVE community with Crypto world. Time for HIVE stakeholders to building genuine relationship with other crypto leaders.

Me saying Tweeting coinmaketcap info is misleading and Dan Larimer tweeting is a huge different.

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This is weird that they can't tell the difference between a blockchain and a mining stock.... Makes you wonder if they don't do this on purpose.

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I really hope not!

HIVE needs rebranding and we need our decentralised community take more ownership of HIVE network and act like owners.

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This is crazy, absolute disturbing bullshit, man!

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What doesn't kill us make us stronger!

HIVE definitely needs rebranding in the future and our decentralised community must actively looking for things that can add value to our HIVE Network.

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Its definitely not about this HIVE blockchain - seems its being manipulated by CZ.

My answer is I don't know. Truth will come out soon.

Most important thing for us is to keep building and connecting with other crypto projects & people to empower decentralisation.

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This needs to be looked into, I mean it's bad for growth and solidity. Imagine this for PR

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Coinmarketcap is controlled by bad actors

We need keep up the good fight.

Me Tweeting about misleading HIVE info and Some well known Crypto person Tweeting about is a Huge difference.

We need to rise up and get more of our Witnesses & developers to be active on Twitter to build genuine relationship with other Crypto leaders.

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Wow that is unfortunate. I hope that we can correct the story.
Would you be willing to chat some time on Discord about the founding of Hive?

I've put in a complaint already and hopefully they will fix this.

I don't do Discord because I'm putting all my energy with HIVE Twitter to bring value to our HIVE from outside.

Are you on Clubhouse ?

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No but it says "anyone can join with an invite from an existing user!"

I've few Clubhouse invites. It currently works on iPhone only.

If you've iPhone please send me DM on Twitter so that I can send you the Clubhouse invite

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Luckily there are other platforms like Coingecko :)

So true.

But we need to rebrand HIVE in the future to avoid brand confusion

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!BBH 10

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Command accepted!

full fail


I’m asking myself is it happening intentionally or accidentally??

Most likely intentionally... the idea might be for them to probably get people that are already known "blockchain" to potentially be customers.

But for coinmarketcap a bit of a shame... in my view.

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Thank you!

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