I'm not entitled to your vote on my DHF proposal but I should at least ask feedback to improve

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I'm not the kind of guy who feel entitled to anything. I'm more of appreciate everything and expect nothing person. I learnt in a hard way with my 500 days of STEEM that it's not a good strategy of contributing decentralised ecosystem. And it's okay to feel some entitlement.

I made a mistake with my previous proposal not asking anyone to vote and I truly appreciate every stakeholders who have voted unfortunately it never get funded.

If you visit my Twitter profile you can see how much energy and time I put into spread HIVE on Twitter. Intention of this proposal is to empower others to put up their own proposal who're contributing towards building our HIVE ecosystem.

I haven't powered down or self upvoted since I came back to HIVE and have no intention to doing so until 2025.

There is huge cap between the crypto world & HIVE and Twitter is building a bridge our HIVE community to genuinely connect and build long lasting relationship with other Crypto people and project. HIVE needs a major partnership and major investor and that's what I'm constantly searching for. If you have any ideas or suggestions to make this happen via our collective HIVE Twitter movement then please let me know.

Vote for My proposal on Peakd.com

If you're active on Twitter representing HIVE then please feel free to put up your own (individual or Team) DHF proposal.

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I have an idea I'd like to explore. It's not a proposal grade idea, but it's been on my mind so I'll share here because it's relevant.

Hive isn't impressive from the outside. We're small, and we're buzzing but we're not saying anything of interest to outsiders.

We need a big splash event to get attention. I've had a few thoughts on what that might be ranging from Influencer drafts, to housing the Genesis Bitcoin here (wrapped in HIVE), to crowdsourcing funding to buy a medical patent to give to the world.

All those are expensive ideas, though. However, maybe we could buy ad space on conspiracy podcasts, lol. Hmmm... Anyone know how much it cost to run an ad on iHeart radio or apple podcasts or where ever you get your podcasts? Do we have an audio clip that advertises HIVE? We should start there. We need to find out how much to make a few ads then raise funding for that and a few 5 second attention grabbing ads and one or two 20 or 30 sec ads to explain a little of what it is. If we could just run it for a week, I bet it would be significant. Anyone have any numbers to throw up? I'd like to hear it on Behind the Bastards. I really like that one. I've been trying to get the host of it on here since the fork, but he has his own thing going on...

Thank you for sharing your idea.

In my opinion it's best to bring attention to HIVE dApps such as LeoFinance, 3Speak, NFTShowroom and Splinterlands etc instead of juts marketing HIVE.

It will create win win situation.

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Excellent point! I've been so busy admiring the fertility of the soil I forgot that fruit was springing up all around me.

So is anyone running ads for LeoFinance, 3Speak, Dtube,NFTShowroom, Dapplr, etc, on iHeart radio, apple podcasts, etc.? Maybe that's our first step? Anyone know which community here houses a star that can make a brilliant radio ad?

Let's keep discussing and there are solutions to grow HIVE Network effects. But there is no formula

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A radio ad shouldn't be that hard to throw together. Funding the run is probably our primary concern. However, if we had the ad ready to go, pricing for the run, and a well laid out goal we can point to, i.e. new user sign up during the time of the ad run and increase in average daily users, etc., then funding should be fairly easy.

What's our theme? Finance (Leo), vlogging (3Speak/Dtube), social media (peakd, dapplr, art and music (NFT showroom and dsound)... what else?

Should we try a conglomerate approach with all of them discussed as sitting atop HIVE or advertise them individually?

Lol... I got it...

Opens to a soft buzz, growing louder.
"What? What is that? Is that the HIVE?
"Yeah, I think it is, but what's that pouring out of it? Is that...Leo? HOLY SHIT! The HIVE is raining LEO!! (lotta coins spilling, mad laughter, WOOO!) fade out.

Who can slap that together real quick? :)

Funding the run is probably our primary concern

Don't wait. Just put up DHF proposal because HIVE needs marketing !

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Yeah, but trying to get funding for a half baked idea with no linear goal already laid out and priced feels like it would be off-putting and counterproductive.

We need to improve DHF proposals and only way to do it is trial & error

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I just voted your proposal. Greetings from Venezuela!

I appreciate it my man!

2021 is a mega year for HIVE and DHF and Consensus witnesses play huge role in this.

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voted sir ❤️🤝🙏, always with you.

Thanks a Million!

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no need to do that thanks to you sir for what are doing for #hive

Just voted fo you bro! You definitely are giving everything on Twitter and deserve way more than 30 HBD/Day!

Hope your proposal gets funded man!

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Appreciate it my man!

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Kind of little stupid , that even 30 HBD proposal need support worth more than 21 million HP.

Supported with my little HP.

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30/day, a little more than 2000 for the full run. Without this requirement though I think it'd be too easy for folks to achieve proposals that don't actually provide much return to the chain.

You can't measure everything in numbers.

I'm firm believer in investing in the right people who're playing the long term game with HIVE.

USD to Bitcoin = Twitter to HIVE

If you what I see you'll join our collective Twitter movement. If you find value in my contribution then you can vote on my proposal.

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I think your contribution is definitely useful, and I think you're doing good work... I just don't know how feasible kicking open the door of paying individuals from the development fund for this kind of work is. How many folks have just as valid a claim as you? Further, how do we measure this in a way that is meaningful? There's no way to point at new users and say 'my twitter promotion resulted in X amount of measurable success'.

Funding marketing is useful and we should advertise and get the name out - but funding individuals talking about the chain? I don't see it doing anything but draining the fund and providing an avenue for many others to game the system to also drain the fund.

I like what you do, I respect your push on twitter, and I often am in those threads as well... but with respect, I will not find myself voting for any proposal that can't show actionable results from the use of the funds.

Too many people already use it as a free ride with little oversight.

A huge 21 Million HP support to get fund from DHF is something that will not allow any "individual with random idea, unclear intent and no reputation" to get their proposal accepted.

"Game the DHF" system is not possible for any individual. Those who can really game this system are really "old veteran" and sitting on lot of Hive power.

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I think this is very well said, and I concur with it, especially the part about marketing being useful and getting the name out. I just went on a mini rant above or below so I won't say it again here, but I'm interested in a discussion about how to get out there and what kind of resources might be available for a legit community initiative that funds a serious marketing campaign.
Also, @nathanmars, I, too, appreciate your efforts and dedication and I'm glad you're such an inspired and inspirational member of this community. Let's figure this out!

Yes! Let's figure this out!

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Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Twitter is HIVE's best friend.

Angel Investors invest in Entrepreneurs ie individual.

I see our collective HIVE Twitter movement is 10X more valuable than HIVEFest.

The one man called Jerry Banfield brought many people to Steem and I'm no where close to him but I want to inspire 100's of NathanMars to help us grow HIVE Network effects.

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That's fair. HIVEFest was a fairly insular project, and y'know - I backed that and it really wasn't reaching out so much as celebrating what we are.

So, you know what - I'll give your proposal a chance. Let's see how it goes.

Thanks a million!

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Appreciate your support.

My first proposal was almost close to get funded but I never asked anyone to vote.

My number one intention is to see more and more diverse DHF proposals and hopefully my proposal can inspire others to do the same.

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Nice, Like to see it funded as soon as possible.

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I'd like to say thank you for what you're doing for the community. It is highly appreciated. Voted and supporting the proposal!

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Thanks a Million!

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Cheers my man!

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