Keep track on your money

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Hello people on Leo,Hope everyone is fine. We got to know that now the ethereum users can also join this platform. Well, from now we can have more users on leofinance. My heartiest welcome for them.

We lets move on to my todays topic about keeping an track on our money. Well that's a very important topic on financial issues. We earn money for our own benefits. So that we could fulfil our desires. But if you don't have a track on your money about how they are coming, where you are spending than you will find it always as a loss.


Let me give you an example of myself. I had 20$ to me a few days back. I usually dont spend too much for my pocket money or for extra things. So i thought it would last some more days to finish up . But surprisingly i spent all of them before i could expect. I face it many times that i am wasting my money over useless or unnecessary things. So i wanted to tell you that always have a track how you are spending your money. Otherwise soon you will find yourself spent more then your expectations.

It can also be related on crypto. Though there is nothing of such spending on nothing that's a great relief. Here you may spent your particular token for buying another one. Or you may withdraw those. But that's also your money and must be careful about that too. We should invest while seeing its possibilities of future. For example we may see LeoFinance. Here its doing great and its being a great platform for everyone. So it would be wise to keep an eye on it. Currently i am seeing a lot fantastic possibilities to come on leofinance. So ot would be a wise decisions to do an investment here.
Yeap i am also investing, as a small user all i could invest is my precious time here on leo.

So that's it for today. I am also much interested on seeing new ethereum users here. Have fun, learn more, get engaged.

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