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RE: With this Hive pump, I just got 100K (or > 1 million) DEC richer.

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It appears when Hive pumps most related second layer tokens are likely going to fall or be flat. Congrats on the trade and holding Hive. Wish I had that patience.


It's a long wait, to have so much liquid swap.hive and keep resisting all temptation.
Actually I am lucky that this helped me in arbitraging LBI -LEO situation + some buy orders without losing the capital.

Not all HE tokens as such but DEC and LEO definitely show variance in HE due to change in Hive Price.

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yeah and irony to all this is people like me who been spending all my Hive and active using Hive through games like Splinterlands and Dcity is gaining the least as my earnings are mostly in DEC and SIM. while those who did nothing but hold liquid Hive are earning a lot.

Patience is key,I sold DEC at .0054 Hive and some even at .005 too.
Afterwards DEC went to .008 too. I never lost my cool because I have belief that Hive will reach above 25 cents and I will definitely make a double buy back.

I guess this is not at all right time to sell DEC and SIM, instead if you can buy any DEC below .0021 is great and easily target .0024 price range. I am hoping all this might happen in a week unless another Hive pump is not cooking up.

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