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RE: Who Is Next?

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It is always important to listen to advice from those who have been on this journey for a long time. The financial area is not my forte, however, I always like to read accurate texts like this one you present us today and it is very useful. Hive is reaching many people and I think, like you, that it will be known for its goodness all over the world.
Thanks for sharing and always being there when we need you, you are great!
And what I love the most is that you are always YOU! You always have to be yourself, just as you are. A giant hug. Thanks for the mention, dear Witty. @enginewitty A big hug!


Anytime sweets! I hope some of this helps you and I am confident that Hive will spread everywhere! We have wonderful people like you that are helping to shed light on it and get people excited and interested! A bug hug back!

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Awwww, what beautiful words. You really inspire me to continue on the same path. You have to support, help, learn and above all, be yourself, teaching others to be authentic above all things. As I have always said: Hive's greatest strength is its people, the commitment of so many for the common good. Thank you, thank you again, dear Witty. Another hug and my appreciation. @enginewitty

I'm sure I'm not the only one that appreciates you too Mary 🤗

HA! I totally said 'bug hugs' instead 'big hugs' 🐞🕷🐜